A Challenging Week!

In my last post, I was excited as we’d finally been connected to the internet via a Minihub and I was at last able to catch up on some work that had been on hold since we moved here, 3 … Read More

Feeling Our Way from Stress into Flow

This week I thought I would share with you a little about a presentation that I gave earlier this week. It was the last session of 2018 for The Business Haven, a networking group based in Portishead, and was followed … Read More

The Power of the META-Health Process

I’ve recently been working with a new client using one of my favourite ‘tools’ – META-Health. I thought I’d share a little more about this here. META-Health seeks to answer the following questions: why am I sick? why now? why … Read More

Bereavement and Loss – Part 1 of 7

The issue of Bereavement and Loss comes up in my practice on a fairly regular basis and so I decided to polish up this article that I wrote a while ago and re-present it as a series of blog posts. … Read More