Cord Cutting – How Can It Help Your Health?

    My website is the culmination of many years of seeking answers about my own health and well-being, and studying the human condition. I write articles, am a healer and give talks about subjects relating to spiritual growth and … Read More

Be More Mindful this Summer

I am in a strange mood this week. I feel exhausted, even though my sleep pattern hasn’t changed. I know that we are close to ending our academic year, and both me and my children need our school summer holiday … Read More

Elixir of Love and Life….

We left Richmond on Saturday evening with lots of time to spare… Four years ago we had tickets for this same show ‘Elixir’ written by my old friend Christy Hawkins… It had a run then, in Camden… Anadi and I … Read More


Last week I wrote about the importance of Keeping It Simple & Straightforward so, on the surface, the title for this week’s post might seem a bit of a contradiction.  And maybe this is one of those fabulous paradoxes that … Read More


Did you know that next Thursday, 12 July is National Simplicity Day? I’ve been a fan of simplicity for a long time, believing that we as humans – and certainly myself as an individual – can have a great tendency … Read More

Give Love Rather Than Try to Get It…

I am sitting writing in Costa Coffee and I have just witnessed one of those ‘things that happen’ between human beings… A lady was sitting waiting; she had been there some time and had the air of someone waiting for … Read More

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