Meditation for Non Meditators! (Video)

    I am a healer, a therapist, a writer, a teacher and am mostly at the beck and call of my naughty rescue dogs. Because of my own healing journey, I have a deep belief that the changes we … Read More

From Sri Lanka to Brittany

When I first left Sri Lanka, I was a bit concerned as to where I might go with two Sri Lankan  mutts. My wonderful friend Holly had always said to me that if ever I needed a place to go, … Read More

Adapt or Give Up, Which Do You Choose?

I came across this tree today.  At some point in time it would have been upright and growing in a “normal” fashion. It’s roots however were based in a crumbling bank and perhaps were not as strong or deep as … Read More

Boundaries – Acceptance vs Allowance

This word “Acceptance” has become quite popular in the realms of self help. I absolutely agree that acceptance is important. We should accept ourselves and we should also accept others for who they are and not push to change them. … Read More

Do Nothing But Love

Our natural reaction, generally, when seeing a loved one in emotional or physical pain, is to try and fix it. Maybe there is someone you care for who is in a relationship which looks and feels destructive and unhealthy, yet … Read More

Embrace Your Human Self!

So many of us are on a spiritual quest, a journey, a path, whatever you want to call it, we are seekers and looking always for that spiritual goal of peace, joy, oneness, unconditional love amongst other things. You name … Read More

Laugh til you Fall Over

Sometimes life feels full of drama and too difficult to find space to laugh. However, having a sense of the ridiculous has got me through many an unhappy situation. When all feels overwhelming remember this “blessed are we who can … Read More

Letting Go of the Bad Stuff

Such easy words but often a hard habit to break! Letting go of the parts of us that block our path is essential in moving forward to live from our hearts and to be fully connected to who we are. … Read More

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