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Embrace Your Human Self!

Debbie AtkinsonSo many of us are on a spiritual quest, a journey, a path, whatever you want to call it, we are seekers and looking always for that spiritual goal of peace, joy, oneness, unconditional love amongst other things. You name it, we are after it! Of course “it” can be pretty elusive and cause some big struggles.

When I work, I tune into the energy of the person who has asked for help and I ask for help from my guides, their guides, any being of light that wishes to assist. As a collective, I call these amazing energies “them upstairs”, hey it works for me and they know who I am talking about!

I always find it interesting that when I have a run of clients that have particular difficulties in a specific area, it is usually a nudge at me that this is something I have either just dealt with or I am about to have to deal with…. I confess here that more than once I have suggested to “them upstairs” that “Surely I do not have to go through this, I mean if you want me here helping others, shouldn’t I bypass all this bit? Hmm? Shouldn’t I just be living in a state of blissful peace and happiness within me before I can guide others to find the same? Hmm?” “No”, is generally the resounding answer, you learn, help, move on, learn, help, move on. Sometimes I am very accepting of this, but only if it is after the event. If I am going through the healing process myself or fall head first into it at the time then I can be incredibly stubborn and not accepting at all – I am a Taurus girl after all. Stamping feet and saying adult things like “It’s not fair” or “I am so bored with this one” is not unusual in this house….

I am a great believer in positive thinking and seeing things from a higher perspective, looking down on a situation from high up is another method that “them upstairs” show to help people to see what the whole situation looks like from above, to make it easier to understand. This I am pretty comfortable with and from a fairly young age I managed to do this. Things happen for a higher reason, for our highest good and for the highest good of others, because we are learning something, or teaching something, or a bit of both. For our evolution, NONE of these traumatic events in life happen for no reason, they all have a purpose. So from the spiritual angle it is fairly simple to accept, to love, to understand and even if you cannot understand, to acknowledge that one day you may find out the reason and even if you don’t, it all adds into the mix and helps you on that evolutionary spiritual path.

Recently, I have had quite a few clients who seem to be having struggles with similar issues. The guidance coming through for them is “accept your humanness (yes, it is a real word, I looked it up!) if you want to move forward, you have to accept yourself, warts and all, and your humanness is a big wart at times to deal with”! Being human means feeling such a wide range of emotions, the good ones of course but also the bad ones, the ones that make you fall to your knees in pain and give you the belief you will never be able to feel better, that cause you to feel as though your blood is boiling, or that your head may explode. Any of these sound familiar? This does not just apply to us, it applies also to those we love who are going through traumatic times, it is sometimes a great comfort to be told everything happens for a reason but for someone who is grieving, hurting or angry it may be a trigger for them to punch you on the nose….

Merrily working my way through these sessions it had not occurred to me that helping others withIMG_3683 (2) these issues was also a roundabout way of “them upstairs” to get me to practice what I am preaching… Suddenly, from out of nowhere, depression hit, hard, bang, woomf, ouch. I could pin it on a few things but could not shift it, as a friend describes it, I felt lower than a snake’s bum. I grumped, huffed, puffed, lit joss sticks, meditated, played soothing music, tried to reason with myself, moaned to a long suffering friend, asked for healing, asked for help, but nothing seemed to change. Until I got cross…. I got cross and impatient at feeling like that, suddenly, the being cross and impatient with myself and with “them upstairs” became being cross with others, feeling anger and injustice at the events in my life, from way back.

I have written a blog before about releasing anger, I have used all of those techniques myself, but this was so hidden I did not even know it was there, it kept masquerading as depression. So, I let rip. I had a big shout, said some truly dreadful words, basically I turned into a teenager having a complete hissy fit, threw all my toys out of the pram and then I collapsed on the sofa and had a massive cry. Depression feeling gone. Job done!

What I had forgotten in all my urge to be pure and lovely and spiritual and kind hearted and forgiving and blah blah blah, was that I too am human, I have human emotions and they were going to come out regardless of how much spiritual practicing over the top of them I did. They must come out, we cannot leave them inside festering. What keeps them pushed in is EGO, feeling the need to be on a higher plane, have a higher way of looking at things, that we need to somehow override our human side. You can do that, we can all do it, but we also have to remember to always “be you” and “you” are a human, you may be a spiritual being having a human experience but sometimes you need to turn that on its head and remind yourself, I am a human being too, at this moment, I am that, and I feel those emotions, regardless of them being “real” or not, they are there.

There is nothing wrong with accepting your humanness and also accepting the humanness of others, let people clear these emotions, let them do what they need to, be supportive, say loving words but let them release what they need to and allow yourself to release it too. Be real, be you, warts and all, accept your dark and light side, laugh at your humanness, cry, stamp your feet, rage at a pillow, accept that you sometimes want to stuff your face with chocolate or wine, none of it lasts, you can move on from that, but to deny it is to deny your humanity. Let it out, let it come into balance with your spiritual side. Be your pure self, warts and all.

I shall leave you with one of my favourite quotes. “Blessed are those of us who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never fail to be amused”.



I am a healer, a therapist, a writer, a teacher and am mostly at the beck and call of my naughty rescue dogs. Because of my own healing journey, I have a deep belief that the changes we want to see in this world must start from within us, no exceptions. I am passionate about helping others to live from their hearts and to follow their path to happiness and love.
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