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Coping with Shouty People and Scary Stuff on the Internet

Everywhere we look at the moment seems to be chaotic.  The news and internet are full of shocking and frightening stories and even switching on to Social Media sites can be not as uplifting as hoped. I used to enjoy browsing through Facebook seeing what people were up to and reading positive and uplifting stories, but navigating through horrifying images and stories that make your heart plummet is not what I want to be faced with.

Watching people argue their opinion so fiercely that they forget their humanity, they forget their connection to the other human they are arguing with.  The need to be right overwhelms and I personally find it incredibly disturbing that such hatred can be created through differing opinions. We all have differing opinions, of course we do! I have differing opinions to some of my friends, family and even with my partner, but why on earth would I hate someone for thinking and believing what they think? Browsing through Facebook or internet forums with a cup of coffee has become a minefield of eye closing avoidance in order to find the things that do bring a smile and some positivity and this, I feel, is incredibly sad. Having discussed this with several friends and clients of late I know I am not alone in this.

So what are the options? Well, I suppose we could disconnect from the TV and internet, switch off mobile and land line phones and live like a hermit. That is option number one and, although quite tempting, probably not the most ideal when it means that not only are we disconnected from the bad stuff, but we are also cutting off connection to the good and positive information that we could be receiving.  There IS lots of positive and lovely information being shared and I for one do not want to miss out on those elements in order to keep out the other. So, on to Option 2 –

Join in? Get involved in the arguments and the pointless going round in circles seeing who can shout the loudest? Immerse yourself in signing and sharing petitions with horrific images attached to them? Get angry, become a keyboard warrior? Watch every available bit of news, try and work out who is telling the truth when every outlet for news seems to come from a slightly different angle, and become immersed in fear and then get angry again as it is a good cover up for the fear? I am giggling as I write this as I cannot even think of anything else to add in to this option without laughing at myself. Option 2 is not an option for me.

So Option 3 then. Balance.
I WANT to see the positive things, I WANT to laugh at videos of goats doing yoga and pictures of mice sitting in flowers, I want to know what positive things my friends and co-workers are doing and how, little by little, all these amazing people are out there are changing the world bit by bit in their own unique way. I WANT to sign petitions that are promoting and asking for positive change (I don’t want to sign the ones that are promoting negative action to counteract negative action, two negatives do not make a positive!) I WANT to be connected to that. So I have a choice and my choice is to be in balance and this is how I am trying to do it.

Before I even switch on my computer I am now taking a few drops of an essence I made which I have called “Shields Up”, a bit like a pre-emptive rescue remedy to help protect my energy.  I am then imagining a mirror held between myself and the computer and anything I do not want to take in is bouncing off and back to where it came from. If I see something heartbreaking then I do not focus on it for any longer than it takes for me to simply send love to that animal, that person, that country, that situation. I am not denying that these things are happening, I am not intending to live in la la land, of course not. I am simply choosing what I take on board and into my energy field. For every horrifying picture of an animal, I try to see it happy, healthy and free and send it love. For every person who is living in lack I try to see them healthy, abundant, empowered and send them love. For every country suffering war or famine I try to visualise it fertile, full of happiness, joy and growth, and send it love. For every argument I see I just stop reading and send love.

I know there are some who may argue with my choice, but we all have to find something that works for us. I know that if I am surrounded by anger and fear then I cannot be myself, and I cannot then be in a strong energetic state to help others, so for me that is a no win situation.  Being in a strong and empowered state is vital if we want to make positive changes in this world, and if we are knocked sideways by the negative stuff then how can we be of assistance to anyone? I believe very firmly in the power of visualisation, the power of positive thinking and if thoughts and beliefs can change the way things are in the world then perhaps if we all focused solely on the good, sent love to the bad, and then moved on to focus again on the positive, then the world would begin to lift, little by little, bit by bit, thought by thought.

I am interested to know how you deal with these issues so do feel free to comment.



I am a healer, a therapist, a writer, a teacher and am mostly at the beck and call of my naughty rescue dogs. Because of my own healing journey, I have a deep belief that the changes we want to see in this world must start from within us, no exceptions. I am passionate about helping others to live from their hearts and to follow their path to happiness and love.
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