The Season of the Witch

There is a certain energy in the air this month, can you feel it? Something whispers to you from far away, and it is creeping closer… Something dark and mysterious, and yet oddly familiar…closer it comes, and closer still… The … Read More

Rockpools on Brancaster Beach

Last month, my family and I enjoyed a holiday in North Norfolk. We stayed in the beautiful, picturesque town of Wells-Next-The-Sea, and enjoyed walks along the seafront, days on the beach, and explored all sorts of hidden places and local … Read More


Love Hurts. Love Kills. Love Redeems. The Darkness of Love. Those are the titles of my first four published novels. Does that tell you a little bit about my experiences of being in love? I think so. Now, before you … Read More


Most people think of me as a very calm and contained person. Outwardly, I suppose I am. Inwardly, however, I am a whirl of chaos, currently ruled by impatience. I am impatient with my children when they get under my … Read More

I Love Paris In The Winter…

It was still dark when I woke yesterday morning… I dressed and ran down the stairs, slipping out of the front door of the hotel which slid open to reveal L’eglise St Germain across the road in front of me… I ran … Read More

Friends and Family

I am blessed to be surrounded by a very loving family, and a wonderful circle of friends who will always be there when I need them. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am abundant in … Read More


Ah, how wonderful it is to daydream! It sometimes feels like my only form of escape, the one activity that keeps me sane on those days when I feel every inch the downtrodden housewife. I know I made my choice … Read More

Creative Crafts

Good morning! Today I will talk about being a creative person. My art is writing. I know that I am good at my craft. I don’t have any specific accreditations to show off, but I have always had an intuitive … Read More

Book Lover

I love books. It comes with the territory of being a writer, I reckon. My fondest childhood memories involve visits to our local library and afternoons spent curled up on the sofa or in my bedroom, devouring the pages of … Read More

I’m a Housewife With a Big Imagination!

Having made the decision to overhaul my SpookyMrsGreen blog and turn it into something slightly more professional, I am looking back over previous articles in order to define the exact nature of my blog. What do I write about, and … Read More

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