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Good Riddance, Mercury Retrograde!

Hello, my witchy friends, how are you? I am very happy to say good riddance, Mercury Retrograde! Now, I’m not well educated on planetary alignments, astronomy and astrology, but I dip in and out here and there. I hadn’t heard about Mercury Retrograde until a few years ago, when it came up in discussions on social media. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is a cycle where the planet Mercury appears to move in reverse alongside the other planets, Earth included, possibly affecting the gravitational pull. Scientists will say it is a natural phenomenon and it doesn’t mean anything, but you can read about it extensively online.

Good Riddance, Mercury Retrograde! SpookyMrsGreen

Witches and magical folk, however, believe otherwise. We have learned that during the cycle of Mercury Retrograde, which in this instance began on 31st October and ended 20th November, things invariably go wrong. We notice it mainly in the area of communication and boy have I learned the hard way this month! My internet connection has been dropping out randomly, working a lot slower than usual, and freezing completely on some occasions. My smartphone has had a few strange moments where it just doesn’t want to work, and everything goes blank. Even our TV had a little funny episode last night, and I had to switch it all off and reload it. I could go on and tell you about our dodgy WiFi doorbell, but I will leave it there. And it wasn’t only technology. A massive breakdown in communications left me feeling rejected and upset when I tried to adopt a homeless puppy for our family. I am still searching, still being told no by those in charge, still refusing to give up the search.

I don’t know why this is connected to Mercury Retrograde, but it is something I heard about in discussions and it made sense to me. It especially makes sense this month, and I will be very happy to move forward and experience some more joyful interactions and hopefully less stress with technology and communications. See you on the other side.



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