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Find Your Way during Dark Times

We Are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) celebrates special people and small stories of inspiration and hope in the world. Let’s face it, we need some inspiration and hope during this time of pandemic and social distancing.

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I admit this month I am struggling to find a good news story I want to share with the world. I try to keep my news features relevant to me and my readers, covering local events and activities.

Somehow, I am not feeling a sense of community with the wider world right now. Maybe that’s a reflection of my current mental state, which is fragile. Maybe I am beaten down by the people I have tried to help but who just don’t want to be helped. I have decided I must return to my inward self. I cannot help those who refuse to help themselves.

There are lots of people I know who are struggling with challenges. They are grieving, they are trying to keep a job and income for their family, they are coping with life-changing medical conditions and new diagnoses. Fortunately, my close circle of friends is always cheerful, even on the bad days. We rant to each other, we complain about the things we cannot change, we exchange virtual hugs, and then we move on. We always find something to smile about.

Find Your Way during Dark Times #WATWB

This week I sent my children back to school against my better judgement. I was not coping alone at home, and I needed some support. They are happier, and I now have time to take care of my personal health and the challenge that is my broken marriage.

A friend gave me a couple of magazines that she thought I might find helpful. It was a small gesture, but it made a massive difference to me on a day when I felt totally alone. It means that people care. This friend hasn’t seen me for a long time, but she cared enough to ask why I had taken my children back to school, and she cared enough to offer a little something that might help me find my way. There is hope in these dark times. We just have to welcome it.

We are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) focuses on positive stories no matter where they’re found. It is all about spreading peace and humanity on social media. All participants post on the last Friday of the month, sharing a positive news story that contributes to making our world a happier, safer, and better place to live.

You can find more about #WATWB over on Belinda Witzenhausen’s blog.


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