Glynn Manyirons

Glynn Manyirons



In my younger days I used to travel the Pow Wow circuit all around Turtle Island (North America), as a professional Native dancer.

One night when I was dancing down South an old Warrior came up to me and said: ” I been watching you son, you dance good, look good, but the inner fire is not there, come to the meeting tonight and you will understand”

I was insulted, but also curious to see what he was talking about. I was enjoying my life, Had many friends, Proud of what I was doing, So there I was at the meeting looking for him, he was not there. But there were Elders and Story Tellers around the Camp fire. Talking about the Old Days. Our spiritual ways. That night I learned that beads, Eagle feathers and Buckskins or how you look do not make you an Indian, what is inside you does.

The stories I tell here I learned from the Elders and Story tellers and I am passing them on with their blessings. These stories can be anything from 4,000 to 5,000 years old.

Pauline Johnson – Actress and Mohawk Writer of Poems (1862-1913)

Pauline Johnson is one of my kinfolk, who was a well known actress and writer of poems in the 1800s and early 1900s. She was born on the Six Nations Iroquois Territory, close to Brantford, Ontario, Canada, in 1862. Her father was the Head Chief of the Six Nations, and her mother was Emily S….

Mohawks and the Hurons

When the winter winds blew and the heavy snow fell, the Elders gathered the young ones around the fires in the long houses, telling them stories that were passed down from generation to generation from the distant past. Every story had a teaching in it, and at the end the young ones were asked to…

Day and Night

Cree Nation Story When all was finished, that He planned, the Creator was tired and decided to take a rest. All the animals were happy, but after a while they realised that there was something missing. As all was new to them they did not know what it was, until Brother Bear called a meeting…

False Face and Crooked Nose Healer

Iroquois/ Cayuga/ Seneca Story After the Creator finished his work on Mother Earth, creating all the Standing People (Trees and Grass), the Swimming People (Fish), the Crawling People (Snakes), the Flying People (Birds), the Four Legged People (all Animals) and the Two Legged People (all Human beings), He was sitting on his rainbow and admiring…

The Dreamcatcher

Ojibway Nation Story Many years ago, before the settlers and the black robes came to our land, people had plenty of meat, fish, roots and berries to eat. If the animals and other things just about ran out, people moved to another place. But after those other people arrived our people were made to settle…

The Girl and the Raven

Haida Nation Story One day a father of a girl returned from fishing on the ocean, he gave the fish to his wife, who cut up and cleaned the fish. The girl took the fat and the liver of the halibut and gave it to the Raven. Every time the father came back from fishing…