Body Intelligence

A large part of the metastasis was extensive edema in the upper body. The edema was spread out as islands of cancer cell secretion, Most in the abdominal cavity. It was not an option to remove it surgically because it … Read More

The Inner Story Healing Model

Anchored in hard-core science and based on 30 years experience healing individuals suffering from a wide range of health conditions, The Inner Story Healing Model takes inner healing to the next level. The Inner story model has 2 sections. The … Read More

6 Common Mistakes Made by “Conscious People”

It’s no secret that many people read self-help books, attend workshops, go through various types of alternative therapies and perceive themselves as being “Conscious People”. However, with all their awareness, many of them feel very stuck and fail to actually … Read More

It’s Not What You Eat – It’s What’s Eating You

I often wonder if Janet Greeson, Ph.D envisioned that the title of her book, “It’s Not What You’re Eating, It’s What’s Eating You” (1993), would become a popular cultural icon, representing the very heart of the western world’s health issues. … Read More

Is Love Really The Ultimate Emotion?

Common belief is that love can cure anything and that love always wins. If you were to randomly stop people in the street and ask them which of the human emotions is most positive, chances are they would answer “love”. … Read More

Test Yourself – Are Your Beliefs Undermining Your Health?

Scientific findings prove that beliefs significantly affect the development and prevention of health conditions and also determine the effect of related treatments. In 2012, The Medical School at Wisconsin University published findings of a research that took 8 years to … Read More

Fate – The #1 Obstacle to Self-Awareness

There is something very misleading and incomplete in the concept that thought creates reality. Not that this statement is incorrect, but at the fundamental level, reality is created by processes much more extensive and complex than just thought. The main … Read More

Self-Love – The Silent Healer

Self-love is a big issue in spiritual awakening and healing processes and yet so many people experience such vast and all-encompassing self-condemnation, some to the degree of complete emotional and functional paralysis. Given the bio-chemical connection between emotions and the … Read More

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