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8 Common Discomforts Indicating That You’re Right on Track

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“Transformation requires one to change” – A statement my patients and students often hear. Releasing old beliefs and old emotional blueprint so that new levels of consciousness can be integrated, often involves a certain degree of temporary discomfort.

There is a huge difference between temporary discomfort and feelings that one would regard “issues” that need to be addressed. These common feelings of temporary discomfort usually indicate positive inner dynamics, which is the result of the system’s attempt to reorganize itself.

In most cases, nothing special is required and nothing needs to be addressed, other than to allow the process to unfold and complete. Following are 8 feelings of discomfort that in most cases, when they appear in conjunction with inner healing – indicate that you’re probably right on track.

1. The Feeling of Being Lost or Having No Direction

The feeling of no direction, especially when it appears for people who usually have a clear sense of direction in life, is associated with the re-evaluation of pre-programmed ideas. The temporary lack of clarity forces one to be more present in the “here & now” and make new decisions based on what suits one at present, instead of automatically recycling old inner stories. Do not worry!

When the system re-stabilizes in the new consciousness you will regain your sense of direction, although it could conceivably be different than the direction you believed was right for you before the process of re-evaluation.

2. Brain Cloud

Inner change is often associated with the awakening of our intuition and ability to connect to our emotions. This can cause a temporary feeling of “brain cloud” in regard to common cognitive functions such as planning, memory and focus. It’s not that you really lose these functions but rather that your system is supporting you to develop your more intuitive aspects. Cognition is temporarily put on “hold” to accommodate. Don’t worry – it will gradually balance itself out.

3. Unexplainable Anger or Sadness

Releasing old and limiting emotional blueprint brings the old emotions into awareness and focus. Therefore, old emotions seem temporarily intensified. The purpose of this is to allow processing and release. Best is to allow the emotions that surface to be present, even if uncomfortable, and de-charge them by applying breathing techniques and exercise. Don’t worry- they will eventually subside and fall away.

4. Exhaustion

Whether physical or emotional, healing is extremely energy consuming. It is very common to need more rest and sleep than usual. Chances are that you will experience an unusual lack of energy, which can vary from tiredness to total exhaustion. Best is to accommodate, by allowing your body the extra rest it needs.

5. Desire to Spend More Time Alone

During healing processes, you may feel much less desire to interact socially. Social opportunities and invitations that previously you would have gladly reciprocated, suddenly may seem boring and unappealing. You just “don’t feel like it”. Everything is fine – your system probably needs time to re-calibrate itself socially. Best, is to address your needs and spend as much time alone as needed. When it’s time to resume social activity – you will get back to your “usual” self.

6. Night Dreaming

Even those who tend to forget their dreams or that claim that “they don’t dream at night” tend to experience a lot more night dreaming. Dreams tend to be intense and vivid. Dreams usually indicate that the subconscious mind is releasing unnecessary content. Dreams can also bring content from the subconscious mind into awareness for the purpose of processing and release. Observe re-occurring themes and how they are associated with the healing process you’re engaged in.

7. A Sense of Lost Identity

When the old inner story of who you are or who you think you should be fall away, you will most likely experience a temporary feeling of not knowing who you are exactly. The purpose of this state is to allow you to re-evaluate and re-explore your beliefs about yourself so that you can truly re-create yourself at the new level of consciousness. If you feel like you’ve lost your identity- focus on the question: “who do I want to be at present”.

8. A Strong Need to Voice Your Truth

Healing often confronts us with our truth and how we silenced our truth to avoid confrontation. This realization can be upsetting, to say the least, causing a strong need to voice and bring forth one’s truth under any circumstances. It’s as if something inside you is pushing your truth out, making it impossible to continue silencing. Yes! Please go ahead! Voice your truth loud and clear!

If you encounter any of these feelings of discomfort, particularly when going through healing or inner change of any kind, most important is to not worry. Instead, stay focused on allowing the process to unfold as it needs to. Chances are that it will resolve itself within a few weeks at the most. Looking back you will be able to see how these feelings of discomfort indicated that you were actually right on track.






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