Rockpools on Brancaster Beach

Last month, my family and I enjoyed a holiday in North Norfolk. We stayed in the beautiful, picturesque town of Wells-Next-The-Sea, and enjoyed walks along the seafront, days on the beach, and explored all sorts of hidden places and local … Read More


I think unkempt is a very appropriate word for me and my place in life right now. I am generally a rather tidy person, even though I am a creative soul. Traditionally we view artists and wordsmiths as being a … Read More


Love Hurts. Love Kills. Love Redeems. The Darkness of Love. Those are the titles of my first four published novels. Does that tell you a little bit about my experiences of being in love? I think so. Now, before you … Read More


“Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world…” Yep, that just about sums me up! But I didn’t choose Journey as my theme just to talk about the band and that famous song. No, what I mean is that … Read More


Most people think of me as a very calm and contained person. Outwardly, I suppose I am. Inwardly, however, I am a whirl of chaos, currently ruled by impatience. I am impatient with my children when they get under my … Read More


Being a housewife is a role that still doesn’t quite sit right with me. I mean, yes, I adore my children, and I am very fortunate to be in a position where I am home with them every day. I … Read More

Friends and Family

I am blessed to be surrounded by a very loving family, and a wonderful circle of friends who will always be there when I need them. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am abundant in … Read More


Being an empath is something that I took a while to accept. I always felt emotional for other people, but I was led to believe that it was hormonal, and my feelings were often dismissed. Outwardly I was a happy, … Read More


Ah, how wonderful it is to daydream! It sometimes feels like my only form of escape, the one activity that keeps me sane on those days when I feel every inch the downtrodden housewife. I know I made my choice … Read More

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