Death Awareness / Dying Matters Week

Today, 13 May, marks the start of Death Awareness / Dying Matters week. I’m passionate about this subject as I feel that many people see death, dying and grief as taboo subjects, making it difficult to talk about these painful, … Read More

Remembering: Goodbye with Love

The memories came flooding back to me today…holding my father’s hand, still warm with a gentle pulse, as I lay my head down at his side on the hospital bed inside the living room. He was finally sleeping after the … Read More

Lessons in Life and Death

This week we celebrate the festival of Samhain, or Halloween, as it is more commonly known. Associated with witches and pagans, Samhain is the season where the veil is thin. The world of Spirit and the world of the living … Read More

Shock and Sadness

Today I want to talk about grief. Perhaps it is because I am growing older, but death seems to be coming closer. I was very fortunate to have all four of my grandparents until my mid-thirties. I now have two … Read More

Bereavement and Loss – Part 3 of 7

In this section I will look at how the work of Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross changed how we look at the grieving process. Dr Kübler-Ross, who pioneered methods in the support and counselling of personal trauma, grief and grieving, proposed a … Read More

Bereavement and Loss – Part 2 of 7

In this section I will explore the feelings that we can experience following the loss of a person or thing that is close to us.  It often results in a sense of grief or bereavement.  This is a very natural … Read More

The Lessons of Grief

Some time ago we received the worst kind of phone call anyone can get. My niece’s 13 month old son had died suddenly and inexplicably. Autopsy results were inconclusive so the ensuing “cause of death” was labeled SIDS. The problem … Read More