Did you know that next Thursday, 12 July is National Simplicity Day? I’ve been a fan of simplicity for a long time, believing that we as humans – and certainly myself as an individual – can have a great tendency … Read More

Dog = Love, Cat = Independence

While I was growing up in South Africa, and experiencing the challenges created by a dysfunctional family, I came to rely heavily on our pet dogs. During the fifteen years I lived in Cape Town, we had had several dogs … Read More

Down in Dingly Dell with a Twinkly Eyed Man

Whilst travelling back from Brittany on the ferry Tom had several times bumped into the same man and they had got chatting, Roger, a white haired twinkly eyed man had a home in Brittany with lots of land and was … Read More

From Sri Lanka to Brittany

When I first left Sri Lanka, I was a bit concerned as to where I might go with two Sri Lankan  mutts. My wonderful friend Holly had always said to me that if ever I needed a place to go, … Read More

Cats, Psychic Energy and the Invisible Wind

Well, this has been a tumultuous weekend.  And after a hectic week of a lot of hucha ( heavy energy) flying around.. I decided to do a ceremonial clearing fire.  It went well, burned hot as hell, no pun intended.. it was … Read More

Animals and the Power of Intuition

We talk about our pets as being special.  Many of us swear our pets have gifts, can read our minds, know what we are thinking.. more, know what we are feeling, and anticipate our needs.  I think a lot more … Read More

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