Animals: Intuition, Fear and Masculine-Feminine Paradigms

I remember someone noting that there are only 2 things. fear and love. I’m not sure I entirely agree with the premise.. but I suppose in terms of polarity/ binary/motivation.. in our current paradigm ( physical plane).. there is toward and away.. love=toward.. fear=away. whether we call it yin/yang, or positive/negative/ away/toward…

Love would equal that which we draw toward, accept and embrace. Fear would equal that which we push away, reject, deny.

I’m not entirely sure where moving away from a negative would be- something like maths- where 2 negatives make a positive…?

I suppose animals are a very basic embodiment of these aspects- making them neither higher nor lower than we are.. but like a stripped down, less complicated and cluttered model. This is not to say that animals don’t have any complexity. I would guess though, that ultimately.. they over-ride that complexity in their “decision-making..”

Question- in this sort of model.. maybe animals have learned to mirror human behaviour… as in this question. A person abuses an animal.. and yet in most instances, the animal chooses to stay. Why? Any intuitives out there who have gotten information on any of these types of situations? Does it come down to something as basic as “Maslow’s heirarchy of needs?” The animals base needs of food and shelter being met..? or, do some animals get skewed imprinting while young, and like humans, learn to define love as inseparable from abuse.. in that they do not have a clear model of what “healthy” should look like?

Do they choose to stay for some higher-plane purpose? To bring some teaching/compassion/healing ( hopeful) to the person they are attached to?

It’s too bad our pets weren’t like the daemons of Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass.. but wherein, everyone had one.. but in this case, if it was not well treated, cared for and loved/ respected.. it would leave. A person’s “familiar” would be a mark of their being “in their integrity”… and NOT having one, would be a very clear and real mark of being OUT of integrity.. and hopefully, would then be the signal to heal/recalibrate, and/ or soul-search, so to speak..

Like making peace with the animals in today’s here and now.. where no amount of “sorry” makes up for abuse or neglect. A horse or dog, or any other pet, while having compassion.. does not really forget the harsh blow or angry voice… But, I think, when a person approaches with genuine and sincere apology– they are quick to forgive and are ready and willing to ” try again”… give another chance. In this regard, I assume that pets mirror our own soul, with what is referred to as “soul retrieval.” When we constantly put ourselves in bad situations, or are born into bad circumstances, little pieces of our vital essence get chipped away, until either little by little, or all at once.. some part of that essence.. checks out, runs away, leaves.. And it must either be brought back by someone who can mediate between the individual and the soul.. or.. enough circumstances changed, that the person can spontaneously “retrieve” their vital essence.

I would imagine that there is a vital aspect of most people, their sensitivity, their intuition.. that aspect that tunes into that which cannot be seen, but can be known.. is an early soul-aspect to depart.. and as a result- most people grow up without ever realising they have been living partially deaf and blind. Imagine what it must be like to see ultra-violet light, far infrared.. or to be able to hear whale-song and other very low pitches and frequencies. There is a whole range of information and input that the senses are missing.

This is essentially what has happened.. and we do not even know it. A person who loses their sight or hearing at a very early age, doesn’t really “know” any other way of experiencing the world.. and therefore feels no deep loss/ regret.

I imagine this is what we have been doing, all these hundreds of years.. with the shift from the feminine, earth-based holistic model that keeps us closer to the earth and earth-based mysteries of Life and the Universe.. we have severed our intuition and empathy. Most modern cultures are living in a very masculine, linear, logical paradigm, in which it must be tested, quantifiable and tangible, in order for it to exist and be accepted as possible.

Can animals support our shift back into that model?  Are we wounding and shaping animals to forcefully adapt into our preferred current paradigm?  Or are they serving a higher purpose in re-aligning US with what we sacrificed to the Fire of Evolution?

Thoughts welcome 🙂



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