Motherhood: Mother Wound or Mother Prime?

As this month invited us to celebrate mothers I took this opportunity to do a bit of soul searching and thinking about the influence of my mother in my life and the many stereotypes of motherhood. In our Western society … Read More

Connection and Communication…

As I walk in my bare feet and communicate across the globe through our incredible technology, I am reminded that the art of communication miles apart was a natural thing to mankind. The aborigines are known to use telepathy as … Read More

Following the Path of our Heart…

We have just come back from wandering in the streets and even doing a little bit of shopping…! Our days seem to find a rhythm wherever we are in the world… Our food changes and the climate changes, the people, … Read More

Learning to Dance in the Rain

I initially wrote this blog early last week, but then something happened on Thursday which prompted me to write this short edit.  A friend that I deeply respect, told me that she felt I wasn’t being honest with myself about … Read More

Let the Fiesta Commence

I have had a short illness…! I am now just about to go out to eat, and I am dreaming about a tagine of vegetables and couscous… I woke in the night with a churny upset tummy and then my … Read More

I Am Enough Even When I Am Wobbly

I remember how many times I felt inadequate when I was young: at school, with friends, at university, when I was studying as an interpreter, when I started working, etc. At the time what would trigger my feeling of not … Read More

Express the Best Within Us…

I love this place in Morocco, miles from anything that is familiar to me… I am the alien on the beach, the only woman in shorts… This wild windy expanse with horses, galloping on the sand, and camels too, ambling … Read More

To Thine Own Self Be True…

I have been aware of death all of my life, right from the age of two and a half when our dog Judy died on the same day that my little sister Rosy was born; one life ending as another … Read More

Being The Change…

We wandered up the little street, that we had run along only a few hours earlier… We were in search of some lunch… Instead of empty quiet, we now dodged weaving mopeds, a donkey pulling a cart, crowds wandering too … Read More

Make No One Your Authority…

I woke just after 6am, with the light gently filtering translucent blue yellow through our window, I lay enjoying the feel of silence… We had gone to sleep with the sounds of Marrakech still reverberating around, bikes roaring past, the … Read More

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