In the Astrals Meeting Future Husbands, Wives, Soul Tribes – The Arcturian Council and my Guides

You may begin to consciously realize that you have been meeting people who are part of this future timeline in the Astrals.
• Your future spouse (or future significant other) who you are drawing to yourself via the increasing synchronicities which result from your increasing baseline frequencies.
*Applies to those of you who are not already in a balanced aligned relationship
• Also others in your Soul Tribe in the Astrals who have also become part of this new timeline
*You are not necessarily losing the ones you have now, but simply adding more people to your tribe ????
• Some of you may be beginning to experience this as lucid dreams or you may have memories of these meetings upon waking.
• Some of you have already been experiencing this for some time (even before some details of the timeline were stable) or suspecting that this is true, but have been unsure
• You may have been “feeling” the energy of this person or people outside of dream state as well (as you move throughout your day)

In general, remember everything is still speeding up.
• Keep your energy moving forward (one step at a time)
* As to be a match to what is seeking to come in
• Bring to the surface (out of the subconscious) what you truly desire
* The things in the subconscious that you do not desire, request healing for them (and reintegration where it applies)
* Be bold, brave, and courageous about this (The Arcturians really emphasize this)
• As the Mercury Retrograde comes to a close, the “dissolution” that you may have been feeling is going to begin to lift.

There is major clearing happening that may present as flu like symptoms, allergy, etc. • Be careful not to fuel these symptoms by assuming they are what they appear to be. • Remember, we are manifesting very quickly (especially the things easiest to believe within the old paradigm) • You can still treat them (for the most part) as you would treat the 3D illness they resemble. • Holistic care and energy healing is always better for your system when possible (better for maintaining equilibrium and therefore easier to stay in alignment) • Seek medical attention if and when you feel guided. Take care of your bodies. You can set an intention that the physician is guided by their team (including their Higher self) and your team to get to the quickest, healthiest possible solution within the least toxic environment,


I am what can be called a Blue Ray Arcturian Channel. I am integrated with four of my Higher Selves and consciously connected to many etheric Guides (which you all have as well).  I have a direct conscious connection with my 9th dimensional Arcturian Council family for the purpose of bringing in and teaching information which will elevate us to our next level of consciousness and evolution.

We are moving beyond a “power over others” paradigm into a period of heart centered living. 

The Activations that I create help humans to access and unlock their many heart centered gifts by increasing their level of quantum understanding and activating their dormant etheric DNA (Christ Consciousness) which contains the “memory” of your natural abilities and heart connection.

There are high frequencies and codes embedded within all messages, readings, and healings, which assist with this.  They are called forward by your Higher Selves, Guides, and the human collective consciousness.