Leaving a Legacy

The idea of leaving a legacy is partly why I continue to persevere with writing and publishing my novels. I know how proud my children are about the work that I do, and they both enjoy writing their own stories, … Read More

The Unique Rhythm and Beat of our Lives…

I have always lived a total lifestyle, one that feels like I am always on holiday… One that therefore I don’t need a break or a ‘holiday’ from… I have always worked and played at the same time, so play can … Read More

The Journey

Exploring ways to align with authenticity, integrity and congruence This journey of Life is such an interesting thing, isn’t it?!  Full of twists and turns that bring lots of opportunities for growth and change. Some time ago, I would have … Read More

A Sioux Story About a Stone 

My grandfather took me to the fishing pond when I was about seven, and he told me to throw a stone into the water. He told me to watch the circles created by the stone. Then he asked me to … Read More


Discovering who you are is the main issue of life on earth. You can find yourself in many ways and in many places and things. Actually, in every thing. The best way is through doing what you love to do … Read More

Lazy Spring Walks

Part of my daily routine involves walking my dog along the canal towpath near our home. We take the children to school, and then we wander off for an hour, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. Last week I took a … Read More

We Are The People…

Yesterday Anadi and I set off early to run; the tide was low and the beach was empty. We had planned a long run and so to deal with the wind, we did two ‘out and backs’! Four miles out, … Read More

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