Journeying from Marrakesh to London…

I rose just after 6am and set off into the nearly light uneven streets that are now familiar to my feet… Cats strolled about – I crossed the vast emptiness of the big square, with the feel of a day … Read More

Summer Solstice 2019

It is almost time for Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when we are supposed to be enjoying sunshine and warmth. In complete contrast to the heatwave of 2018, this June has seen record levels of rainfall here … Read More

It’s All About Perspective

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about perspective this week – by which I mean the way we look at things. The perspective that we take has such a huge impact on the experiences that we have! I used … Read More

Dog = Love, Cat = Independence

While I was growing up in South Africa, and experiencing the challenges created by a dysfunctional family, I came to rely heavily on our pet dogs. During the fifteen years I lived in Cape Town, we had had several dogs … Read More

From Dense to Airy

I’m reading this picture, based on its composition. This will be a preliminary reading. I’ll point out a few obvious things and see what I can gather from this. It is possible to read much more in the picture, and … Read More

Round and Round We Go….

We arrived to the familiar energy of Marrakech at about 3pm yesterday afternoon; and as we pulled up to Douar Graoua square we felt a sense of ‘homecoming’… Our friend Jamal was there to greet us at the door of … Read More

My Treatment Plan for Rare Eye Diseases

I live with rare eye disease, a condition known as Lymphedema Distichiasis. For me the main disorder is the distichiasis, which basically means I have eyelashes that grow on the inside of my eyelids and scratch the corneas. All my … Read More

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