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Sitting Bull (1831 – 1890)

SitSitting Bull at hometing Bull, Tatan’ka Lyota’ke (Oglala Sioux)
Born in 1831, passed away in 1890

Sitting Bull was and is the most famous Indian leader that ever lived. He fought to keep his people’s way of life and freedom. William F. Cody, known as Buffalo Bill, described him as ” the world’s most famous Indian”.

No one fought harder and more fairly than Sitting Bull. He was an impressive looking man. Standing at five foot ten inches, about one hundred and seventy five pounds, brown skin. Sitting Bull had deep brown eyes set in a face that was painted red for good luck, he had the look of one that always was ready to laugh and ready for mischief, playing a trick on his friends at home. But when he looked at people seriously, it seemed that he was looking right into their souls.


Sitting Bull on the path of defending his peopleAway from home, he was a fierce warrior, but at home he was at peace, enjoying the company of family and friends.

He never took women or children hostage and freed the ones that others took. He never attacked white settlements. He did attack wagon trains and those who were destroying the sacred grounds for gold.

He was also known by the name of Wichasha Wakan, meaning a seer or holy man.

His given word was as good as if it was written on stone, once it was given, it was never taken back.

He was an honorable man ’till the end of his life.



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