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Reiki and Emotional Healing at Christmas

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My reiki practise continues alongside all the other chaos in my life at present. You know what I mean: husband, children, domestic challenges, family challenges, work and all the rest. I never really took time to learn what reiki healing is all about before I started my journey. I used to think that it was a mysterious, magical “cure all” process that wasn’t relevant to me. How wrong I was!

Reiki energy healing works best when you begin with the self. Learn to channel reiki energy, and you will learn how your body feels, how your mind works, and how you relate to the world around you. During the past twelve months, I have facilitated a lot of personal emotional healing using my reiki practice. Last Christmas in particular was a very powerful time for me. I had a lot to learn from my suppressed feelings about my parents’ divorce, my family dynamic as it now stands, and what that means for my children growing up. All of these events had happened many years before, but I had quashed my emotions, ignored how I felt, and kept myself busy with other areas in my life.

We all suppress our feelings to a large extent, I think. And they come out at all the wrong times, or so it would seem. Imagine the scenario where you begin to prepare for your family Christmas holiday. You hurry around from one task to the next, making lists, writing cards, buying and wrapping presents, trying to facilitate everyone’s needs, and somewhere in there, you must sort yourself out. By the time we reach Christmas, you might feel exhausted, drained, and completely disconnected from the family and friends with whom you socialise. And then you don’t enjoy the festivities. You feel ill. You feel angry. You might cry. Reiki helps me to prepare for these big social gatherings. It helps to calm my mind so that I can focus on the present, and if something doesn’t quite go to plan, no bother. We simply deal with the issue and move on. How do you cope with the Christmas stress? Have you tried reiki healing?



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