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Open Minded Perspectives: Trust Consciousness

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Consciousness is all about being open-minded, which means that you are able to see all perspectives. When you see all perspectives, then you even have compassion for the perspectives that limit your consciousness.

This is what is so wonderful about the divine aspect of thinking, sometimes referred to as an enlightened aspect of thinking. Compassion doesn’t limit itself to one perspective, or one aspect of manifestation, as it is present in everything, that is in all things and in every dimension. Within every aspect of everything there is consciousness and that is what allows such a beautiful recognition to honour itself within such a space.

Within the space of consciousness there is no limitation. Not because there is no limitation, but because limitation is seen from a compassionate, open-minded perspective. Being open-minded means recognizing everything for what it is, and being present to reality as it is, not as you think it, or feel it, or as your body perceives it.

When this happens, all is perfect because the manifestation of life as it is, is perfection. That which is imperfect, is what prevents perfection from being present in your realisation.

So, as you breathe in and breathe out, it is even perfect that you’re holding onto tension in your body, or your mind is caught up in some dialogue about this or that. It is perfect. And when seen from a compassionate divine perspective, then the space opens. Your meditation goes deeper.

Allow meditation to flow from this intention, as from within this intention, as you breathe in and breathe out, you can let go.

Allow yourself to just come back and tune into this depth of aliveness that is beyond yourself, that is beyond your thinking, that is beyond your feeling, that is beyond even the thoughts that are holy within your mind. Allow yourself to come back even to that space that understands a depth of yourself, because beyond all this there is a multidimensional openness that is everywhere. And, as you tune into that space, you’re tuning into all aspects of yourself from beyond yourself.

Open-minded isn’t just that you see different perspectives of your breath or your thoughts or your feelings but it means that you’re open-minded to be present beyond the structure that has the ability to see what is happening in this moment, so that you tune into the perspectives of all that is present. In this way, you see life not just through your own eyes, but through the eyes, or the essence, or the awareness of the mountains, of the trees, of the stars, of the little creatures that walk on the Earth that you can’t even see, of the little birds that fly around that you don’t even notice because they are just far away or not within your perception.

Within all aspects there is a communication that is compassionate and that is the loving, kind, beautiful space of awareness that heals those constrictions that hold onto your mind, that hold onto your emotions, that hold onto your body and limit your perspective to seeing things in a certain way.

So, breathe in and breathe out and trust that that space that you are connecting to, the transmission that is happening right in this moment, allows for consciousness not only to expand into the infinite multidimensional level of awareness but also connect you to the natural healing flow, to the natural positive perfection that is within consciousness on all levels, even if you’re not aware of such in this moment.

From such a space of awareness and consciousness may you be spontaneously creative so that what you’re doing is coming from a space of freedom.

Thank you.



Tony Samara, spiritual teacher & author of over a dozen books, has been sharing deep evolutionary work and inspiring people to incorporate meditation into their daily lives for more than 25 years.

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