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Making Sense of This World

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It’s very easy to get distracted, but you can develop a sense of inner strength that allows you to keep coming back to this moment, rather than getting caught by the many thoughts and the many feelings that we are continuously processing. You see, part of being human means that we are continuously trying to sort of come back to this state of understanding of whatever situation we’re experiencing.

You can develop an inner strength that allows you to move beyond the need to always be caught in this process of thinking. Even in your sleep sometimes the mind is actively trying to resolve the process of your experience. It’s natural being here in this world. We need to make sense of our experience. We need to make sense of what is going on, so the mind and the emotional body tend to be in overdrive.

Meditation is the opposite. When you sit and relax, you are allowing for the mind and the body to relax into this moment. So, it’s not that they stop functioning but the quality of information and the communication that is happening is very different.

When you empower yourself by saying that you are developing an attitude of gratitude, already, by just saying this, the mind knows what to do, because gratitude is a natural aspect of our hearts; meaning our heart as the part of us that is very much part of our core being, our inner truth, our truth. And when we begin to recognize the truth in what we are doing, in the way that we’re thinking, in the way that we’re feeling, we begin to recognize that truth has the power to set us free, thus transforming the circumstances that we are caught up with.

I cannot explain in words how incredible gratitude is.

So, begin now by remembering and developing gratitude as an attitude of freedom, an attitude of truth, an attitude that helps you to find something within you that is free of the negative problem thinking mind. By doing so you are connecting to a quality within you that changes your attitude and as your attitude changes, then your intention can be created in a much more powerful way.

In the next few moments, just notice this expansion of healing, this expansion of feeling connected as you take a deep breath.

As you breathe in and breathe out, let go and enjoy life beyond thinking.

Thank you.



Tony Samara, spiritual teacher & author of over a dozen books, has been sharing deep evolutionary work and inspiring people to incorporate meditation into their daily lives for more than 25 years.

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