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Love’s Presence Heals Emotional Battles

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There are aspects that we sometimes deal with, without knowing why we have to deal with them. I am referring to the strong energies that sometimes come up in oneself, such as anger, passion, pride, or greed, which very often clouds consciousness from being clear.

Of course, when we are caught up in this part of ourselves that we identify as negative, it often feels like we are battling with parts of ourselves that are not so beautiful, that are not so pure. Hence there is the need to make sure that they are dealt with in a way that is harmonious, meaning that this strong and powerful battle that humanity has been a part of for thousands of years is healed, so that consciousness is able to go to the space that brings more harmony, and more truth, in one’s everyday actions.

How do we work with this aspect of ourself? How do we stay centred in the battle? How do we come back to our clear and very open way of thinking that is not so influenced by those aspects of emotions that very often take us into unclarity? How to do this?

Most importantly, we need to remember that what it is behind all those aspects that are coming up that create noise, is the beautiful sound of love. When we hear this noise as the vibration of love, it is not that the battle that we are engaged in (the battle of making sure that those aspects that prevent love, and the vibration of love being present in our actions is heard), is there, as by making sure that love is present, then love is part of everything.

This experience can only happen when there is a stillness, even in the midst of whatever is going on inside. No matter what is going on inside, there needs to be a stillness and this is the sacred sound of love. Love expresses itself through making sure that all that distracts us is stillness.

This stillness can be heard not as an audible sound, but can be heard as a vibration within the heart. And this is what needs to be our anchor, what needs to be our clarity so that we are not forsaken in the battle that is very much a human experience.

How to do this, is what this beautiful work of meditation is all about. This is an important work of making sure that whatever experience we are undergoing, we may have been angry, or we may have been upset or caught up in some aspect that comes from lower consciousness, for example, that we remember what it’s like to take a deep breath and still the mind, so that there is enough clarity to see how to create an action that is not only beautiful, but is also meaningful, in the midst of the chaos.

Whatever is going on in our spiritual practice, whatever powers are overwhelming us, know that we can take a moment, to close our eyes, take a deep breath and remember what is behind everything that is going on in this moment.

Remember always, the true value that is in this moment and that is our soul. When we come back to honouring that aspect of ourselves, then greed, and pride, are all but illusions that are on the periphery.

When we remember this part of ourselves, we come back home to a contentment and purity that is so very powerful, and there is no force that can overwhelm, change, or prevent this from being an actual experience because it rings more loudly than anything else.

That sound, that vibration, is the vibration of truth, the mantra of our heart.

May today, whatever is going on, be a reminder to come back home to this beautiful space.

May our practice today be a meditation in action, in whatever we are doing.

Thank you.



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