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Introducing Glynn Manyirons

Glynn ManyironsJust because you look like an Indian, it does not mean that you are an Indian.

In my younger days I used to travel the Pow Wow circuit all around Turtle Island (North America), as a professional Native dancer.

One night when I was dancing down South an old Warrior came up to me and said: ” I been watching you son, you dance good, look good, but the inner fire is not there, come to the meeting tonight and you will understand”

I was insulted, but also curious to see what he was talking about. I was enjoying my life, Had many friends, Proud of what I was doing, So there I was at the meeting looking for him, he was not there. But there were Elders and Story Tellers around the Camp fire. Talking about the Old Days. Our spiritual ways. That night I learned that beads, Eagle feathers and Buckskins or how you look do not make you an Indian, what is inside you does.

On the other hand you can walk the Good Red Road, it does not matter what color your skin is or where you come from. So that day on I went to many Camp fires and Longhouses, listening to Elders and Story Tellers, passing on to others what I learned. That is what I am doing here.

There are many Nations on Turtle Island. and many stories to tell. There are also many variations of some of the stories.

After a year of learning and still dancing I went back to the same place where I met the Old Warrior and that night he came to me and said ” Son now you got the fire and it shows.” I turned around to thank Him and to shake his hand, but he was not there any more.

I never found out what Nation he was from, but I have a feeling that He is siting by the Camp Fire with the Seven Sister, looking down on the next one to teach.



I work with Muskwa International Foundation Inc. which is an entity that was formed to assist the street children in the Philippines, mostly in Manila and Davao, the two largest cities in the Philippines.  You can find out about their projects here Street Children and Natural Disasters.

The stories I tell here I learned from the Elders and Story tellers and I am passing them on with their blessings. These stories can be anything from 4,000 to 5,000 years old.




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