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Does The ‘Perfect’ Diet Exist?

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When it comes to discussing the ‘perfect’ diet, there are many schools of thought on what is considered the best eating plan for optimum health.

But the truth is, when it comes to diets, one size does not fit all.

Low-carb. Atkins. Vegan. Paleo. Mediterranean. Venus Factor.

We all hear these so-called “perfect” diet plans thrown around which of course will make you lose any excess weight you may be carrying, while ensuring you live forever.

But does the perfect diet exist? Let’s take a deeper look.

All About Diets

When most people hear the word diet, they assume weight loss. Often that is the case.

Many popular diet plans cater to those looking to lose weight and appeal to one’s emotions by promising you the weight loss you desire to feel better about yourself.

However, the word diet generally simply refers to what you eat on a day-to-day basis. That doesn’t mean you have to follow a set plan.

Many diets, whether they’re aimed at weight loss or not, have been given the limelight as the ‘perfect’ diet. Whether it be because they promise to promote more weight loss than others or because scientific research shows that they can prevent illness and disease. But is this really the case?

For example, many people, including veteran nutritionists, believe that humans increase their risk of certain types of cancer by eating meat products, therefore, vegetarianism must be the perfect diet.

However, Loren Cordain author of The Paleo Diet, believes that eating meat is completely essential for optimal health. Grains however (rice, pasta, lentils and so on)  are slowly killing us according to his diet philosophy, of course making the Paleo diet plan the perfect one to follow.

Whereas Walter Willett, another nutrition researcher and the author of Eat, Drink, And Be Healthy, is a great promoter of the Mediterranean diet, in which both meat and grains have a part.

The point is, most of these diet plans are based on scientific research, but if they boil down to what science tells us is the perfect diet, how come they are all so different?

What is The Bottom Line?

There will always be research to investigate the correlation between certain dietary patterns and overall health. That is a scientist’s job.

However, with so many chronic diseases at the forefront of our Western society and so many new diet plans being revealed with each year that passes, it is likely science will never truly discover the perfect diet.

So Does The Perfect Diet Exist?

The important thing to remember is that whether it is to lose weight or simply to live a healthy, disease free lifestyle, diet is not a one size fits all solution.

The Perfect Diet for Healthy Living

In terms of living the healthiest life you can and trying to prevent illness and disease, following a certain restrictive plan (such as no meat or no grains) may work well for you.

Many people have minor food intolerances where eating grains for example can cause inflammation.  Cutting them out of your diet could leave you feeling fresh and energized rather than weighed down or sluggish.

However, for some, cutting out a major food group can zap you of energy and leave you feeling exhausted.

The important thing to remember when trying to follow a healthy diet is that the food we eat is fuel. Each food group we consume from protein to vitamins and minerals have specific jobs to do within our bodies.

We need certain vitamins to promote brain function, minerals to give us strong bones and protein to help our muscles work. Deficiencies in these essential nutrients can lead to a number of chronic illnesses especially when they are substituted with foods the body doesn’t need, such as sugar.

Therefore, in my opinion, the perfect diet is one that gives your body everything it needs to thrive. Most of the time that will include a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains and meats, however, it is in whatever balance works best for you personally.

Maybe it’s meat free and balanced out with lots of plant based protein – the key, no matter what route you take, is balance.

The Perfect Diet for Weight Loss

Again, when it comes to weight loss, the perfect diet would be one that includes all essential nutrients needed to allow your body to function.

However, the diet mentality can often do more harm than good. Asking someone to stick to a certain food group or amount of calories can actually promote food obsessions, make sticking to it impossible and sending you into a downward spiral.

Therefore, the perfect diet for weight loss is one that you can stick to and promote healthy behaviour changes. Often successful weight loss is about changing how we eat as much as what we eat. Re-educating you about food.

Once again, that makes the perfect diet whatever works for you personally.



As a busy mother of two who slipped into a very unhealthy lifestyle I decided it was time to take action and start looking after my well being. At first I thought it would be difficult, however, over time I’ve picked up on one or two tricks to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. I am dedicated to spreading the benefits of good health and ensuring that my advice can be shared with every day people living every day lives.


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