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Creation of Light and Dark

Glynn Manyirons Inuit Story

A long, long time ago the people up north said that their world was created by the Raven. He is a being with a human looking face, but a raven’s beak.

It is said that when a little bit of ground came up out of the water, it was brought up by the Raven by spearing it with his beak. He speared it, brought it up and fixed it in place.

It was just a little piece of ground, hardly big enough for an Igloo ( Inuit dwelling ) and a place for storing the food for the winter. All around it was water and ice.

There was a family living in the Igloo. A man, his wife and their son. The son was Raven.

Raven was bored as the place was very small, One day as he was looking around he noticed a round thing, like the bladder of a polar bear hanging from the ceiling. He was asking his father if he could play with it, again and again, but his father always refused,

However, eventually the father gave in and allowed Raven to play with it. While Raven was using his beak to play with it, he accidently broke the bladder and light appeared.

” We should make sure that we have dark also” said father. So he took the bladder away from Raven, before he could damage it any more.

And that is how day and night started.



I work with Muskwa International Foundation Inc. which is an entity that was formed to assist the street children in the Philippines, mostly in Manila and Davao, the two largest cities in the Philippines.  You can find out about their projects here Street Children and Natural Disasters.

The stories I tell here I learned from the Elders and Story tellers and I am passing them on with their blessings. These stories can be anything from 4,000 to 5,000 years old.




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