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CoronaVirus – Part 3

As I look at the news, and behind the news, I observe some very interesting phenomena, and after a conversation with another Light Warrior Being, I have come to some further realizations about this virus and what it portends.

Firstly, it is quite obvious to me, and most people with an open mind and heart, who are not in fear mode, that the media, and most governments are abreacting to what is regarded as an existential threat, which, in my opinion, it is NOT. Allow me to explain…

Most people who contract the coronavirus recover quite quickly! A minority of people, relevant to all those who contract it, suffer, and a smaller minority succumb, and die. Those who die seem to have been afflicted with other ailments and conditions that seem to have weakened their immune system, and which caused their demise. If I am reading all this correctly, and my perception is accurate, if more people had a stronger immune system, their bodies would be able to process and eliminate the virus much more easily. Let us assume this is correct, which I am inclined to do, because I am a great believer in the power and intelligence of the human body. The stark truth is that most people may feel healthy, and they may seem healthy, but, from my perception, they are far from healthy, as nature intended us to be. On what basis do I make this statement?

There are several factors which have guided me to this conclusion, and here they are listed below;

  1. More people are sick than we realize, especially in countries like the USA, UK, Israel, and I would presume that would include all the industrialized countries, especially those Western countries, where the people do not live in a natural way.
  2. The huge number of obese people.
  3. The great numbers of people who contract and die from cancer.
  4. The huge numbers of people who have diabetes.
  5. The great number of people who suffer from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The list, unfortunately, is quite long, and I ponder the salient points as to why we have a large population of people on this planet who are sick, unhealthy, and rely upon allopathic medical drugs to remain alive? I have come to the conclusion that, among other factors, the stark, and main culprit is DIETARY LIFESTYLE! What do I mean?

I am a vegan, having been a vegetarian prior to that, and from my own personal experience, together with the experiences of other vegetarians and vegans, together with my involvement with the Ayurveda Dietary Lifestyle, I conclude that dietary lifestyle, is the single, most powerful means by which we can maintain and improve our good health, or we make ourselves sick and die a premature and uncomfortable death. Allow me to explain..

Most people regard the age of 70 years as becoming old, and most people expect to get sick. Please note, I have highlighted the word, ‘EXPECT.’ This is absolute nonsense. When I go to the doctor for my half yearly blood test, so that I can see what is going on in my body, so that I can adjust my dietary lifestyle, and I enter into conversation with the doctor, invariably, I am told to expect all sorts of conditions because of my age. For example, in December, 2019, I had a cataract removed from my left eye, replacing it with an artificial lens. I asked the surgeon what caused cataracts, and he told me that it was my age, which I do not accept. I feel that it was more like the bright Israeli sunshine, while I did not wear sunglasses most of the time, which I now do. There are also other factors, on philosophical and psychological levels that would make a good discussion but is inappropriate for this article. If you wish to dialogue with me on this subject, send me a message on the Contact page of my website and I will respond.

My contention is that as most of us have a dietary lifestyle that does not support optimal good health, by the time we get to the ages of 60, 70 and beyond, the body is already sick and worn out. The same would apply to your car, if you did not change the oil and service your car properly, resulting in the car not functioning properly. After more time the car will break down. Some may say that the car was old, while others know that if you maintain the car properly, it will last for many years in prime condition. The same logic applies to our bodies, and here is the rub… I have actually met people who deny the fact that whatever they eat has any bearing on the condition of their bodies. Yes! I have actually heard that from more than one person. Yet, those same people will change the oil of their cars regularly, and use the appropriate fuel. I agree, this is confusing, yet this is happening, and I do believe I know what the issue is.

The issue is the degree to which people are able to expand their conscious awareness! This means that if a person is limited in their conscious awareness, they just do not know, and do not have the capacity to know anything that will be of benefit to them, unless it lies within the narrow parameters of their perception. I refer you, as an example, to the well known story of the Explorer, Magellan, who dropped anchor of his tall sail ship off the coast of some South Sea island, and rowed ashore to greet the natives. The island occupants were curious to know how Magellan arrived there. He conveyed to them a description of his big sailing ship, which they could not see. They could see his rowing boat, but not the large, tall, sailing ship. Magellan worked with the medicine people, the shamans, who seemed to be less limited in conscious awareness and perception, even taking them, I believe, to see the ship. It was only then they began to see the physical sailing ship, with the sails and tall masts. The purpose of this story is to discuss the nature of the sub-conscious mind that has the ability to block out anything that does not agree with what you really believe, or what you are programmed to acknowledge. Belief is, therefore, a learned imposition upon the mind, limiting perception, because the current parameters of conscious awareness are narrow. As conscious awareness expands, the parameters increase, as does the ability to perceive what is already there, and always has been there, but not seen. Do you not find this an interesting fact? I do!

We are taught, influenced, and made to conform to a status quo that is extremely limiting. The culprits are our parents, school teachers, college professors, and the entire system within which we live. This is because they are teaching us what they learned in the same way. Over thousands of years the truth of creation has become corrupted, and we are now taught untruths, lies, and consequently, we have been deceived by those who love us, because they did not know any better. Of course, there were and are exceptions to this, but the vast majority of people on this planet have the experience that I describe. I am one of them, and it has taken me a lifetime to ‘unlearn’ what I was taught, and to re-learn what was appropriate for me, which was my choice, and by my volition. This is why I am able to write all that I do, and there may be many who disagree with me, which is quite acceptable, because I know that, as their perception improves, they will see and hear what they failed to do, while they were limited in their perception. This may sound egotistical and arrogant, which is definitely not intended, or even warranted. I merely state what I observe, knowing that in the earlier part of my life I was right there with the masses, and I managed to break out of that limited path, and forged my own path of greater truths and perceptions, which anyone can do if they are able to make a different choice, have the relative intention, and follow it through. Yes, this does take fortitude, tenacity and courage to break out of the accepted, limiting mold.

Returning to the coronavirus, I say that, when people live unnatural lives, and they become sick and get sicker, eventually, as is the wont of Creation on a Universal, Cosmic level, conditions for those people will manifest to accommodate the path they chose to follow. When you perform an action and you are not happy with the result, most people resort to distraction, medical drugs, recreational drugs, a bigger house, a faster car, more holidays, and completely ignore what their bodies are saying, and their warnings of impending issues. So, they continue with their distractions, and eventually the bodies cannot sustain the onslaught any more, and become sick. The hapless occupant of their body does not know the reason, so they continue with what they have been doing, and then they are surprised when they are diagnosed with a serious condition. What did I do to deserve this? This is a common question. So, let us hearken to the wise words of Albert Einstein, “the consciousness that created the problem can never be the same consciousness that provides the solution.” Another of his wise statements is, “If you perform an action and you are not happy with the results, change the action.” In other words, if you persist in performing the same action you will always have the same results, and no amount of prayer will make any positive change.

The coronavirus is telling all of us that something is wrong with our immune systems, and something is wrong in that the coronavirus appeared at all, because, from all accounts this is not a naturally occurring virus, and I leave it to you to do your own research in order to find the real truth. So, are we to consider making a big change in our dietary lifestyle, and maybe in the way our society is made up and operated? Yes, big subjects. However, I am more interested in the dietary lifestyle, and this is what I am putting my attention on in this article.

It is for you, if you are so inclined, to ascertain whether eating animal flesh is in your best interest. This is a huge subject, and I can write a book on it, because I have done my research, and I have learned some startling facts, which I would be happy to discuss with those who are genuinely interested. So, research and compare the digestive track of herbivores with carnivores. That will be most productive and enlightening. Research and learn about Universal Love, and what is the import of real, unmitigated, love without expectation and doing harm to other sentient beings. In this sense, people have told me that even plants have feelings, and which I know to be true, and this is another big discussion I am happy to engage in, with interested parties. I suggest you research how the digestive tract functions, and in this respect I happily direct you to read about Ayurveda Dietary Lifestyle, which is what I maintain, as a vegan.

When you are eating a diet that is appropriate for your particular body, after a few months you will feel the benefit, and after more time your body will reflect so much more stability, wellness and strength. I therefore recommend and urge you to find a natural and appropriate way of living that is not harmful to any sentient being, including cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and any living breathing creature that is sentient. In China and other places, they eat cats and dogs, and I am informed that if they torture the animals first, like roasting a live dog, or boiling a live cat, the flesh tastes better. I believe this is to do with the DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) released into the blood. This, unfortunately, opens up another horrendous dimension of the behaviour of human beings who are totally out-of-balance, totally unaware, and in most cases of extremely low consciousness. The only way we can positively change this is to positively change ourselves first. When sufficient people on this planet are operating on ‘more cylinders,’ will positive change be affected organically, naturally.

There is so much to share, so check out my videos and guided meditations on my website, which I hope will serve you well. Please inform your friends of this website. If we, as a humanity, are to survive this incredible opportunity the coronavirus is offering us, to make positive changes within yourself, and ourselves, there is good cause to be optimistic. While you are at home, in quarantine, use your time wisely, look at the ways and means by which you can improve yourself as a human being, how can you improve your good health, expand your conscious awareness, raise your consciousness, and help others do the same. In this way, together, we can create a Golden Age that will be discussed for millennia.

With my love and best wishes.




Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.