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Choose a Positive Direction: Receive Spiritual Gifts

Meditation creates both an emotional resilience and a sense of inner strength, that becomes obvious with time, but only if you are practicing meditation in the correct way.

If you are sitting in meditation, hoping things will change, and letting your mind drift into whichever addictive state it takes you to, then you are not really connecting to the spiritual heart and the gifts that the spiritual heart can receive, when you create clear boundaries to support a clear intention.

How can we develop, in practice, these clear boundaries, so that the mind isn’t distracted? How can we ensure that our practice allows us to develop a certain confidence in our meditation that helps us to get back in touch with the spiritual heart, and also to get in touch with an aspect of ourselves that we may have ignored or forgotten about?

Meditational consciousness, with such an intention, then becomes more important than anything else in our lives, and, as we discover, it becomes the experience of trust that helps us to choose a positive direction in our lives.

I believe that as we sit and practice meditation, then we’re not only receiving positive thoughts, or positive feelings, we’re not only creating emotional resilience within, we’re not just feeling better, (well, hopefully we are feeling better because of the meditation, but we are receiving invisible gifts into our being, that then become the light that helps us to become very luminous in what we’re doing in life.

This may not become obvious immediately, as sometimes it takes weeks, or months or years but when it does become obvious then you will be celebrating the gifts of your meditation without an expectation.

If you have no expectation when it comes to sitting in meditation, meaning that you are not sitting in meditation now because you are feeling stressed, or because you are confused, and feel you need to clear your head. No, you need to let go of those expectations, and rather, sit in open receptivity, so that your spiritual heart can receive the gifts.

Even if your mind doesn’t understand what’s going on, even if it looks like nothing is going on, if you follow these steps, and open your spiritual heart to the state of transcendence that is deep consciousness, then the gifts are naturally transmitted.

Furthermore, even if you don’t understand the restructuring that’s going on inside of you, inside of your brain and the way that you’re perceiving and connecting and communicating to yourself and to the external world, you have created a certain focus that then becomes those natural boundaries that you live your life through.

When this happens, you begin to say no to certain experiences in the world. You may become more confident. You may recognize that you don’t need to do this, that you don’t need to put yourself through this, or create this confusion anymore, and you don’t need to push or hurt yourself. Yet, you’re not saying it from a mental space, and you’re not saying it from that space, where you’re just trying to survive, rather you’re saying it because you’re alive and are connected to the gifts that help you to come back to this sense of aliveness.

The greatest gift in meditation, is this gift of being alive and celebrating life from a very positive experience within yourself, that then just makes sense beyond understanding through the mind. Everything then just makes sense, because deep inside, your heart knows that you’re having a beautiful experience, and that through the state of consciousness, you’re having a beautiful experience that takes you beyond the problems, beyond the distractions, beyond what life very often throws at us.

If we’re not resilient, if we’re not strong, if we’re not able to face a situation from a deeper perspective, or from within our spiritual hearts, then we will get caught by the periphery of the experience, by the mundane ego mind and continue to react and repeat that same script over and over again.

It is so wonderful when we can move beyond all of the karmic information, and realise that meditation is such a beautiful gift, as when we practice in this way, it helps us to be open and receptive to the gifts that are present, here, in this moment, for everyone.

Thank you.



Tony Samara, spiritual teacher & author of over a dozen books, has been sharing deep evolutionary work and inspiring people to incorporate meditation into their daily lives for more than 25 years.

Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.

Author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom,’ ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation,’ ‘Different Yet the Same,’ ‘Karma, Mantra and Beyond’ and ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha’ has been inspiring thousands of readers to discover inner peace and greater fulfilment in their lives, through the power and simplicity of practical Spirituality. At the core of his teachings lies the evolution of human consciousness, which in today’s world is vital for achieving deep, personal happiness, inner peace and the illumination of one’s inner quest.



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