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A Truly Positive Life

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There may be areas of your life that have felt cloudy, meaning where you’ve been uncertain about different aspects of your life, which has created uncertainty, confusion, or even a lost feeling. Know that soon all that will change because the old will no longer be relevant.

Imagine that you will not react from the old habitual ways that in the past have been confusing, or seemingly perceived as confusing, because there was no space for the elevated, sacred flow.

The natural flow is so very connected to the sacred masculine, which is now bringing to the world the possibility to connect in a very practical, profound, and real way to knowledge and wisdom.

What a time this is for celebration, when you think about it.

It’s a truly great gift, that we are being invited to share in the way that we connect to the world, but also to share in the energy of our activities, and in the practical projects that we are creating in our lives.

What a gift, when we can see this as a gift, as this beautiful energy will help to soften the old survival, stress, anxiety, reactive ways of the past. It will help to soften our attitudes, and allow for our journey to be a truly positive journey in life.

And, what is life all about?

It’s about inviting in the positivity.

When the two aspects, the masculine and feminine, are able to communicate from a space of wisdom, from the space of clear consciousness, then that is the motivation that helps us to bring this positivity and healing into our lives. Furthermore, it allows the journey to be one that is not about always controlling things, or worrying about things, through the bringing up of fears, because you can sense and feel that you are addressing the situation in the most positive way.

The more you do this, the more you are embracing your potential, the more you are embracing this moment, because you are also embracing the potential that you are embracing within yourself in this moment.

This potential that you are embracing, as the energy flows within you and you are connecting to your heart, being this new masculine communication, ends up being a turning point, so that your heart opens up, and is receptive and open to this natural flow that is helping us as individuals, but also as a culture to elevate. This is what I call the process of elevation.

It’s an incredible time to be alive! And, we need to be connected to this process of elevation rather than connected to the old.

So, remind yourself that elevation requires energy, elevation requires clarity, elevation requires clear steps, clear steps that you say to yourself right now, that this is what you want. For example.

“I want to elevate.

I don’t want to fall back into those old habits.

I don’t want to hold on to the old masculine ways that created such negativity in our history.”

If you look at the old masculine ways, the reason as to why so many wars and many other negative things happened, was because the masculine was out of touch with this process of elevation that’s happening in this moment.

Thus, if you are feeling like your life could use some fresh inspiration, or motivation. Remember, that’s an aspect, even though not profoundly spiritual, it’s an aspect of the profound spirituality that we’re embracing in this moment. If you are feeling a little stuck, you don’t need to judge yourself and say that such thoughts are not so spiritual because you feel that you are always stuck, because then you begin to use the old masculine ways to judge the situation.

If you feel stuck, if you need fresh inspiration, if you could use a little bit of motivation, if you feel stagnant, if there are parts of you that are resisting the change, then all you need to do is acknowledge that this is just the old that is being purified. This is the old that you are letting go of, and clarify your intention, and as you let go, clarify your intentions.

Don’t give up! — Be more focused, be more creative. — Clarify your intentions. — Say to yourself,

“This is a new energy.

It’s a potential, and I want to embrace this potential within myself and within my experience of life.

In the constellations that I find myself embracing, I want to embrace this new energy.

I want to embrace it through this space of elevated consciousness, rather than holding on to the old.”

As soon as you create this intention, then the energy changes, because before, it was just a potential, but now that you’re affirming that you want to move from the old space to the new space, you are creating and planting a seed.

And, by nurturing this seed you will bring the potential into manifestation and this will happen in the next month.

Thank you.

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