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Working with an Animal Communicator

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an esteemed animal communicator and healer at a Mind, Body and Spirit event. Sky Heartsong is a very lovely and gentle lady who has recently moved over from America and is now spending time in the UK, helping people to heal and care for animals in need. When I heard that Sky would be attending the event that I was exhibiting at, I knew I had to meet her, because I had been wanting to speak with an animal communicator for a very long time.

What does an animal communicator do, exactly? Well, they use a special telepathic connection where they can speak with an animal on an intimate level. There is no need for physical proximity, they can simply open their minds and call out the animal that they wish to speak to. Sky asked for a photograph or a description of the animals that she worked with on our MBS weekend, so that she could better connect with them. I went to her for some insight about our rescue dog, Baxter.


Some of you have met Baxter on my blog before now. He is a character! We found Baxter in the City Dogs’ Home in Stoke-on-Trent back in 2008. He was found in Wrexham, North Wales, and was moved from a local home to Stoke after several months when no families came forward to take him. Indeed, he was looking a bit scruffy when he was in the dogs’ home. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Border Terrier (we think), and when his fur grows long, it grows curly and looks like a rug on his back. We now keep it neatly groomed, and he is a handsome chap. He is also a very timid dog, and recently developed a phobia about high-pitched beeping sounds, more specifically the smoke alarms in our home.

Without going into too much detail (although feel free to ask questions), I spent around half an hour with Sky Heartsong, while she connected with Baxter. She felt his panic whenever he hears these sounds, and she saw how he is reduced to a trembling wreck, almost on the verge of hyperventilating, and we are unable to calm him down. She managed to convey to him that he is safe at home, and that I and his Daddy will take care of him. Surprisingly, I can see an immediate change for the better in his behaviour, and that was after just one session. I definitely recommend you try it if you have a pet that has anxiety issues or behavioural problems.



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