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I could not pass up the opportunity to mention my gorgeous four-legged baby. He is my Boy, my first child, my darling dog, Baxter. Yes, I am a dog lover. And technically, Baxter is not my first doggy child. Before him I had Toby, a handsome Yorkshire Terrier, who died when he was 11. Baxter came into our lives at a time when I was incredibly lonely, grieving for my lost dog, desperate for something to fill the void.

My Mum and sister took me to our local city dogs’ home and there he was: a cute, beard-faced, StaffordshiBaxter_Superstarre Bull Terrier X breed who apparently hadn’t made any fuss in the eight months he had been resident at that facility. We were smitten.

Baxter is a proper character. Now almost 10 (we think), he has his very own appreciation society in our home town. He accompanies me on the school run twice a day, he waits outside the school gates with other dogs, and he loves running along the canal path and chasing around in the park.

Some of my daughters’ young friends overcame their fear of dogs through Baxter. He is patient, cuddly, and never retaliates to a curious toddler when she pulls his whiskers or pokes his nose. He simply moves away, or he catches my attention to intervene. Baxter is exuberant, loving, gentle and sensitive. He is our family dog. He is our Boy. We love him.



Catherine is the author of the adult paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels and also The Darkness of Love, She has short stories published in YA anthologies, freelance articles on various industry websites, and contributes to her personal blog, and her author blog .

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