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When Reiki Healing Doesn’t Work

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Reiki energy healing is becoming more popular in the Western world as a method for holistic healing. People receive training (myself included) in how to harness the natural energy that is available to all, and we learn how to feel subtle differences in other people, to distinguish what kind of healing they might require. But reiki energy healing cannot simply be used as a cure for all illness and disorder. That is not how it works.

We are supposed to care for ourselves and our bodies in many ways: by taking regular exercise, eating healthy food, monitoring our addictive personality traits, and ensuring we have rest and quiet time when it is needed. But we forget this. We spend all our time running around in circles, from home to job to school to the gym, to wherever we need to be at a given time. We forget to eat properly, or we don’t have time to sit down for a home-cooked meal. We grab a snack as we hurry around, and then we stay up late trying to finish jobs at home, and we get up early for work the next day. My point is, we forget to care for ourselves. And then we wonder why we fall ill. We wonder why our bodies suddenly develop severe pain conditions, where previously we were healthy. We cannot see life beyond the stress. And so we seek help from medical professionals.

When Reiki Healing doesn't Work

I have been practising meditation for around fifteen years. It didn’t come easy, I admit. It took a lot of perseverance for me to switch off my phone, switch off the TV, and shut myself away from the world in order to meditate in a quiet space. I would often busy myself by cleaning the room in which I wanted to meditate, or tidying the garden, so that by the time I was done, it was too late in the day or I had to go to work, or something else needed attention. I found it very difficult to make time for myself. And I still do.

During the past three years I have studied reiki energy healing, working with the energies and learning how they make me feel. I have had to book myself in for meditation and reiki treatments, even by myself at home, because otherwise I would just be busy with life. And then I feel obliged to use my healing skills on the people I know who are struggling. There is my husband with depression and anxiety, and his mother. There is my father-in-law with a brain injury. My youngest daughter is grieving the loss of a friend. My other friends are grieving for lost family members. Yet other friends are dealing with their own mental health challenges.

I know that everyone can take care of themselves, but I also know that I want to help them if I can. But first I must help myself. I must be alone, in my own space, to clear my mind and refresh my body. Only then am I able to help the people I love, and the wider community around me. Namaste.



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