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What is Reiki and How Does it Work?

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Have you had a reiki healing treatment before? Do you wonder what might happen after the session, or if you will experience any side effects?

Reiki healing therapy is recognised as a form of complementary therapy. Simply put, reiki is a method for healing the body using touch. As a Reiki Master trained in the Japanese tradition, I would place my hands lightly on your body and channel energy, utilizing breathing techniques and mystical symbols as tools. Your body has the capacity to heal itself, but you must keep an open mind and believe that this is possible. In much the same way that we use yoga as a gentle method of exercise, so we use reiki therapy as a gentle method of healing and easing mental illness.

What happens after the session?

Following your first reiki therapy session, you could feel any number of sensations. Your mind might feel lighter and less busy. Your body might feel better, with those niggling aches and pains feeling less severe than they were before. We all respond differently to energy therapy, and it depends very much on the individual. I received my first treatment following years of meditation practice, so I wasn’t surprised to feel differently without any obvious changes.

Reiki is a subtle method of energy healing, and you will feel it in ways that you cannot explain. It should leave you feeling happier and more relaxed, but in some situations, it might provoke you to cry, feel angry or feel another less pleasant emotion. Sometimes we need a good cry to purge the negative energy from our bodies, and if you have been holding on to grief, hurt, confusion or a feeling of abandonment, then I would not be surprised if you did cry after your session. Always remember that the room in which you are treated is a sacred space. Everything you say and do is confidential, much like when you visit your doctor. Your reiki therapist will hold space for you to release what you need to.

Dry Bathing to clear your body

This is an exercise I use as part of my reiki self-healing practice. Stand with your feet flat on the floor, relax your shoulders, and breathe deeply. When you close your eyes and take a deep breath, place your right hand on your left shoulder. As you breathe out, sweep your hand down your arm, and imagine you are brushing away anything that you don’t need, such as intrusive thoughts and negative habits. Take another deep breath, place your left hand on your right shoulder, sweep your hand down your arm, and imagine you are brushing away those negative thoughts and habits. Finally, take another deep breath, place your right hand on your left shoulder, and as you breathe out, sweep across your body with the same intention of clearing negativity.

Remember to drink water!

It is funny how we forget the simple things that make such a big difference. Water is freely available in the Western world, and we often take it for granted. Think about how many times you drink tea or coffee, fizzy drinks, fruit juice and alcohol. Each of these is laden with chemicals, sugar, and gasses that react with our bodies to create or aid disease. Remember to drink water throughout the day and you can restore the balance inside your body. This is doubly important when you have a reiki therapy session because you never know what your body is doing from the inside out. Cheers to your good health and happiness!


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