Tiredness in Pregnancy

No one ever tells you just how tiring early-stage pregnancy can be!  In fact, when I tried to find some helpful guidance, all I found was sympathetic information and guidance for women in later stages, from around 6 months onwards. What about those who are barely 3 months pregnant and feel exhausted all the time? This happened in both of my pregnancies and has put me off wanting to have a third baby.

Tiredness was pretty constant for the duration of my pregnancy in the early stages. In fact, the first proper symptom that I had was falling asleep during the afternoon for three consecutive days. I never take daytime naps, and I usually manage on around 6 hours of sleep a night, being more of a night person than a day person. During pregnancy I needed at least 8 hours of sleep, and I was still tired! I didn’t get those eight hours during my second pregnancy, having a toddler to contend with.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

My diet is healthy and varied, and I do walk my dog regularly, so I don’t lead a particularly sedentary lifestyle. When I complained about feeling tired I was told by my young mother friends that it is all perfectly natural and it’ll only get worse.  Wonderful!  Then my mother and mother-in-law further compounded the evidence by saying that yes, they too were tired during their pregnancies.

How did I cope with the tiredness during pregnancy? Well firstly I was incredibly relieved to be working part-time hours. I could not imagine doing my previous full-time office job in that condition, and I have much respect for all the women out there that have managed and continue to do so. I simply could not work while the weight of tiredness dragged me down.

If I needed to lie down on the sofa and have a little nap, so be it. This was a habit I started during pregnancy and I carry it on now that my children are older. If I am tired, I will take a nap if circumstances allow. The dishes can wait, we have enough clothes if I do the washing tomorrow, and my husband should be grateful that I still keep a clean home for him alongside my day job!



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