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The Kingdom of Graceonia – A Fairy Tale (Part 1 of 4)

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Part 1 No 1
Chapter 1 – Living the Dream

Once upon a time there was a magical land called Graceonia. It was a place of great beauty, with sparkling rivers, luscious meadows and magnificent mountains.   Part 1 No 2

The air was clear, the water was pure and sweet and the food was nourishing and bountiful. The Graceonians themselves were happy people and lived in harmony with each other.

However, trouble was brewing for Graceonia which would change it forever.


Chapter 2 – The Deception

Reports had been sent to the King advising him of restlessness in the animal kingdom on the border of Graceonia and the neighbouring land of Deceptovia. The normally tranquil and peaceful animals had become skittish and aggressive, and some were even showing signs of sickness, which was unheard of in Graceonia.

Unfortunately The King had been lulled into a false sense of security due to the many hundreds of years of peace and harmony in the land and chose to ignore the reports, thinking that it was just an over-reaction and everything would be fine again soon.

The King was a good and kind man, but his decision to keep what was happening a secret would be the first step towards the chaos that was building, and which would overwhelm his subjects who were no more than vulnerable children in their innocence.

The Prince of Deceptovia had heard rumours that there was a treasure beyond price in Graceonia and he was determined to claim it as his own. He wanted to impress his parents, the King and Queen, and to show them that he was ready to have his own kingdom to rule. Added to that their land was dying, the water was poisoned and the subjects were mean-spirited and sick.

He knew that they needed to extend their bordersPart 1 No 3 in order for Deceptovia to survive, and so he started to plan an invasion which would expand the kingdom and give him the power he craved.

You might think that an invasion is an easy thing, but not so with Graceonia, as there was a magic spell surrounding the Kingdom which meant that nobody could enter without invitation. The Prince had sent many secret agents to infiltrate the land, but the power of the magic was so great that as soon as they put one foot over the border it was as if giant hands took hold of them, and threw them with all their might back into Deceptovia. The agents often ended up in rivers or even up in the branches of trees. They all hobbled back defeated to the castle with cuts, grazes and sometimes even broken bones. Another plan was needed!

The Prince was a cunning man and realised that the only way into Graceonia was by invitation, so he sent his agents to cover the border and to await their first opportunity. He realised that the only way to gain power in Graceonia was to use the mist of distraction, which stops people from seeing the truth, and seeds of scarcity which when planted and harvested create fear in everyone who eats the produce. So he instructed the most powerful wizards in the land to create the magic which would allow him to rule with ease. When the agents set out for the border they were all armed with bottles of magical mist and packets of poisoned seeds.

Meanwhile, the Graceonians were blissfully unaware of the storm of change that loomed over their heads, and that this change would start through the actions of a young boy and his dog.


To be continued:….


The inspiration for this story came from the book The 7 Graces of Marketing by Lynn Serafinn



Sue is the Founder of Soulfully Connecting.  She has spent over 40 years on her spiritual journey which, amongst other things, included training as a medium, hands on healing and travelling with a shaman.   She trained for 3 years as a graphologist and for 23 years has been a reader specialising in graphology and tarot – 14 of those years were spent participating in festivals both at home and abroad.

The idea behind Soulfully Connecting is to demonstrate that there are other ways of living which can heal the earth, the animal kingdom and ourselves.  She is passionate about people having freedom of choice, which is only possible when they know about all the options.

Sue is a member of the 7 Graces of Marketing community, the core purpose of which is to promote ethical marketing.



Twitter – @soulecting and @soulfullysue




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