The Importance of Sulphur for the Alzheimer Brain and Health

What is the significance of Sulphur in Preventing and Reversing Alzheimers?

As I talked about in my earlier post on sulphur… a quick recap:

Sulphur is the 6th most abundant substance on the planet, and the 3rd most abundant mineral in the body.

Traditional diets naturally contained a lot of sulphur. Plants and vegetables (and then even the animals eating the plants) absorbed a lot of sulphur naturally. Today’s modern intensive (big-agra) farming techniques have depleted the soils of many vital nutrients. Sulphur is key among them. SO, the vast majority of people in modern, mainstream cultures are getting little to no sulphur in their diets. Why is this important in regards to Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

An Important Point to remember, is that sulpur is absorbed through the small intestine. This means that if the GUT is toxic, or not working optimally- the small amount of sulphur that is received through the diet– may NOT ever get INTO the body where it is needed. Nutrients and vitamins etc.. pass through the stomach– in the foods we eat. The intestines sort through and separate out the good stuff, from the waste and toxins. Those nutrients, are absorbed through the lining of the intestine INTO the bloodstream and into the body.

When the GUT is overloaded with toxins, or yeast bacteria, and excess waste– those tiny openings get clogged up… and the nutrients cannot get through, BUT, toxins, which are smaller- LEAK back into the body. SO- even if we might be EATING enough sulphur-rich foods, we might not be actually GETTING the benefits.  If the GUT cannot absorb them, they will get passed through the body and eliminated. This is why it is important to treat the WHOLE BODY, rather than just treating Alzheimer symptoms.

Sulphur is essential for many of the body’s functions. And as we get older, we become sulphur depleted. And the body begins to rob it from places like collagen ( the connective tissue) that is in your joints ( and other places). Note, one of the more popular and effective remedies for arthritis is condroitin sulphate ( sulphur)!

It is vital to note, that sulphur helps the cells to utilise oxygen– this will help with overall health, energy and well-being. It will also help to improve brain function.

Sulphur also increases circulation IN the brain. This could be a huge benefit for anyone struggling with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Increased blood circulation means more nutrients can get IN.. which also means that there is more FUEL for the brain to utilise.

But sulphur is all but missing from the Alzheimer brain. SO- either there is not enough in the diet, OR, the sulphur is not getting TO the brain? There is no ready way to know for sure, and this answer can vary from person to person. So, addressing both aspects is the best route to take. Repairing the GUT for damage and function, will only serve to increase overall health, so it should be part of all health programs anyway. And adding sulphur to the diet, will generally mean healthy foods, or a supplement that doesn’t do harm– that is also a low-risk approach to take.

One of sulphur’s functions, is that it helps to create glutathione. Glutathione is produced in the liver (unless the liver is damaged or toxic- another organ that needs addressing, for successful Alzheimer-health). Glutathione helps building new tissue, tissue repair, removing heavy metals, as well as proteins needed in the body. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant for the brain. So glutathione is a very important nutrient- but.. it can be limited because it NEEDS cysteine.

So, cysteine helps the body to remove toxins, because it is part of glutathione. So, if there isn’t enough cysteine, and sulphur, the brain will have a much harder time getting rid of both normal toxins, and Alzheimer-based toxins. And Remember- cysteine contains sulphur– a mineral almost completely absent from the Alzheimer brain. If there isn’t enough cysteine… glutathione levels DROP, so the brain can use the cysteine for its own needs. The brain needs enough to use cysteine in both places. And cysteine is more rare as a nutrient.

Anyway- The brain uses 20% of the body’s oxygen– that’s a lot, especially when you realise that it is only 2% of the body’s weight. The result though, is that there is also a lot of oxidation as a byproduct. So– effective anti-oxidants, are crucial for maintaining brain health. Glutathione works to remove peroxides ( oxide, oxygen based).

Side note- It is also important to note that sulphur is present in 4 amino acids… taurine, cystine, cysteine and methionine.

Sulphur also supports the job of insulin. Remember, Alzheimer’s is often referred to as Type 3 diabetes. This is because the Alzheimer brain exhibits the identical dynamic as diabetes- the inability to properly process glucose for fuel. So ANYTHING that can help the brain use glucose is going to be beneficial. Additionally, it is important to give the Alzheimer-brain plenty of the medium chain fatty acids and essential oils that it CAN readily use for fuel.

One important thing to note- is sulphur helps remove heavy metals- like aluminum, from the brain.  FLU shots, are injecting aluminum directly into the blood.  SO, if the body is deficient in the body, the body has no way to remove the aluminum from the body.  And we KNOW, that the levels of aluminum are excessively high in the brains of Alzheimer patients.   Sulphur helps to remove sulphur from the body– which can potentially help the body remove it BEFORE it can get to the brain.

Some experts are noting that of all the drugs that are out on the market that can slow the progression of Alzheimer ( none come close or try to reverse it)… Sulphur may be one of the key components in trying to both prevent, and reverse the condition. This is provided the condition has not already caused extensive damage to the brain. But even in these instances, it is very possible to improve brain health and function.

Alzheimer’s is a complex disease- because it is many invisible dots. Very often, seemingly unrelated or unconnected issues, far away from the affected brain, are creating chain events that ultimately impact the brain. The brain is THE MOST protected organ in the body.. the body’s job is to protect the brain. SO, it is crucial to understand that, if the brain is affected- then the protectors have been compromised. But- it isn’t too late to turn things around and restore brain health!

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