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The Immensity of Who You Really Are

Words like soul, light, essence, higher self, consciousness, or the universal intelligence, while capable of conceptualizing the bliss of the more that we are, fall short as a description of the immensity of who we truly are.

However, we (as a concept of self) identify ourselves as child, adolescent, mother, father, an older person, a healthy person, a sick person, or a suffering person. Yet, always, behind all of that, is the reality of ourselves beyond what is the social self. It is not foreign to us. It is just so integrated into our being that we cannot find a reference that it is us.

We are already free without the self realizing such, and all that blocks our realization of that freedom is our attachment to some deep thoughts of who we think we are. These thoughts are very useful to a point until they interfere with the wisdom of self realization and the wisdom such an experience entails.

Certainly, we are already that which we seek, hence the irony in seeking outside to find such inner truths. Such seeking separates us from the realization of who we are, creating a dualistic concept that requires references and specifics to validate what goes beyond the periphery.

In a similar way, love only becomes totally clear and tangible when in love, so does self realization only become integrated as part of the self that spontaneously transcends itself in the bliss of self realization.

Let us focus our attention on what has always been here in this infinite spacious moment, enjoying the journey of openly embracing self-realization.

Who are you, really, in this moment?

Let us dive deeper into this exciting mystery, into this wonderful journey beyond words, a journey into the joy of being.



Tony Samara, author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom,’ ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation,’ ‘Different Yet the Same,’ ‘Karma, Mantra and Beyond’ and ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha’ has been inspiring thousands of readers to discover inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives, through the power and simplicity of practical Spirituality. At the core of his teachings lies the evolution of human consciousness, which in today’s world is vital for achieving deep, personal happiness, inner peace and the illumination of one’s inner quest.

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