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The Great Laxative of the Human Race!!

“I’ve looked at life from both sides now

From win and lose and still somehow

It’s life’s illusions I recall

I really don’t know life

At all.”  (Courtesy of Joni Mitchell)

The truth is that most humans have no real idea what life is all about, while they get sucked into the illusion of living the way of life that they think is all there is, for them. I say an illusion, because it is all make-believe, and this includes the political climate of all countries, which suggest they are democratic, when, in truth, I am yet to see a true democracy on this planet. Then you have those who are so far left they are fascists, like those who control communist countries, and like Russia used to be. China, Cuba, and other deeply socialists countries like Venezuela tell very clear stories that many people ignore, as they court the illusion that socialism and communism will provide a free ticket for everyone, when the truth is the absolute opposite. I would also say that any extreme political, financial, or medical policy that departs from balance and equanimity, favours whatever the extreme choice is. Knowledge is structured in consciousness, and when consciousness is not that evident, or elevated, likewise is knowledge limited.

In my travels and in my learning, of which I have done much, and still continue to do so, I have arrived at the conclusion that the concept of, ‘As above, so below,’ is absolute, at least in this three dimensional reality, that we call Planet Earth. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., micro-biologist tells us that our bodies comprise of about 50 trillion cells, give or take a few trillion, and that the cells are programmed to listen to a central voice. That voice is the Conscious Awareness of the individual, which is influenced by what is stored in the sub-conscious mind, in the form of learned beliefs, learned patterns of behaviour, and learned programming/conditioning. That is a good example of the microscopic scale, while on the macroscopic scale the same process applies. Therefore, in my opinion, the 7.8 billion human beings on planet earth can represent the cells of our body, and the body can be represented by the planet. The majority of the people seem to respond to a central voice, which seems to be those bodies/organizations, including governments that tell the people what to do, when and how. Unfortunately, those who govern may not enjoy a very high level of consciousness, and as such, they become victims to corruption, to ego, and the desire to have ultimate control over the many. This can be plainly seen how so many people are willingly influenced by those who direct them to act in various manners that are not for their highest good, at all. Just look at the way the financial institutions conduct themselves, and the medical establishment, including the big pharmaceutical companies, to name a few examples. Furthermore, during this current drama involving a virus, just look at the fear so many demonstrate, amidst conflicting information from various medical groups, which contradict each other. The worldwide lockdown has destroyed businesses, jobs are lost, and the people suffer in a manner that indicates the ‘cure’ being worse than the disease.

Then there are those who do not entangle themselves in such dramas and traumas, as they find different approaches that seem to work well for them. Many improve the condition of their immune systems, and overall health, and also, they choose to heal themselves of anything that may impair their ability to be healthy in body, mind and soul. In this sense, they meditate, they are vegetarians, vegans, and follow dietary lifestyles that work for themselves, while they seek natural cures for illnesses, diseases, and bodies that are out-of-balance. I belong to this, latter group, and I have just had a most marvelous lesson in healing, among many during my life. I had a severe headache, which obliged me to lie down, when I pondered the cause and possible cure. My condition could have been sinusitis, a Pita or Kapha headache (Ayurveda, from India, names of two of the three constitutions relevant to the Ayurveda Dietary Lifestyle), or migraine. Initially I felt it was a Pita headache and I ate some aloe vera, which had no effect, and so, I then felt it was sinusitis, and my wife confirmed it, now I was to find the cure. I inhaled eucalyptus oil in boiled water, and this did help, and then my wife made a comment in passing which reminded me of the neti pot, which I have. I prepared the neti pot (Ayurvedic tool for nasal purification and moisturizing) and poured the saline water in one nostril, as it poured out of the other nostril. I reversed this process and the results were remarkable. The pain started to subside, and disappear. I will do the neti pot each day, as I feel my sinuses became dried out. I have other stories of self-healing concerning high blood sugar and cholesterol that I resolved myself, using natural ingredients, and no drugs, and no help from the doctor. My reason for sharing this information is purely to impart the knowledge that there are many ways to heal oneself, and that education and knowledge are of paramount importance. When more people learn to take better care of themselves they will become more independent, and less reliant on others, who may or may not, actually, exacerbate any condition/circumstance.

I have now identified two groups of thought and application, and there is a third. There are those people who are undecided, and sit on the fence, so to speak. My intention is to help such people be inspired to become involved in their own evolutionary process. No matter what group any of us may be part of, we are all, without exception, subject to Universal and Natural Laws, and such dictate that we are to evolve in consciousness, whether it takes one life or one hundred more lives/incarnations. Creation, The Great Mystery, The I Am Presence, The All that is, God, is not governed by time or space, and it matters not when you wake up, knowing that sooner or later, you will.

This brings me to the subject inferred by the title of this article, The Great Laxative of the Human Race. In this respect, I re-iterate that we, humans, and the entire Planet Earth, with all life contained hereon and herein, are subjected to huge amounts of increasing Electro-Magnetic radiation from all over the galaxy, and not least of which from our sun. Even the Schumann Frequency of Earth is spiking at levels previously unheard of. This is the electro-magnetic frequency at which the Earth vibrates, and which interacts with the electro-magnetic frequencies of each human, and all other biological life forms. It is understood, that as we have now arrived at the end of some major cycles, including the Precession of the Equinoxes, which takes about 25,000 years, the Piscean Age of 2,000 years which is now ending, and the 2,000 year cycle of the Aquarian Age begins. There are Mayan calendar cycles and the Indian Kali Yuga, which I believe is also ending. When a cycle ends there is a new beginning, and what form that new beginning takes depends upon the choice individuals make, and the choice of humanity as a whole. The energy we, humans, are now being subjected to is encouraging us, nay, pushing us to accelerate our evolution in consciousness. In order to understand what consciousness is, if you do not know, I suggest you read my book, Emissaries of Consciousness, which can be obtained from my website.

Such encouragement has brought us to this juncture in the journey of humanity, and we are seeing our shadow side, all the unresolved inner limitations, which cause people to act in a non-life supporting manner. This is a subject that deserves an entire discussion to fully understand the human psyche, the human spiritual connection and how we can achieve higher levels of consciousness/vibration/knowledge and wisdom. The examples before us demonstrate that all the suppressed negativity in humans is now surfacing and we are seeing violence, corruption, fear, and extremely limiting/negative behaviour.  This is meant to help us acknowledge our deficiencies, weaknesses, and inappropriate behaviour so that we can heal, resolve and release all that which no longer serves us for our highest good, and for the highest good of all others, all other life forms, including Planet Earth. This, then, is the greatest opportunity we have to evolve and improve ourselves sufficiently, so that we are capable in creating a Golden Age of living on this beautiful planet, for everyone, and all life forms. In order to achieve this, we are to be purified, and cleansed of all that which limits us, this process of purification and cleansing can be likened to taking a laxative so that we can expel all that which is to be released. This cleansing process is to change all learned beliefs, learned patterns of behaviour and learned/adopted conditioning or programming that limits our ability to be balanced, healthy in body, mind and soul. As this process of inner purification and cleansing proceeds, we will develop greater insight as follows;

  1. Knowing who we really are.
  2. Liberation: Being who you really are.
  3. We are one human family.
  4. Think in a much clearer and critical manner.
  5. More balanced in our feelings, emotions and mind.
  6. Healthier in body, mind and soul.
  7. Positive Perception.
  8. Embodying Universal Love and Compassion.
  9. Fulfilment of Destiny/Dharma.
  10. Happiness, Contentment, Joy.
  11. Living in Harmony with all life forms.
  12. Success as a human being, and in whatever you do.
  13. Harmonious family life.
  14. Prosperity, according to your measure.
  15. Enjoying a fabulous life.

All these manifest when we chart that course of Self-Improvement, inner healing, and the resolution of all that which prevents us from naturally living as we are meant to live, in accordance with all that mentioned above, and even more. In order to achieve this wonderful way of living, we are to change the negative way we think, speak and act. In order to do that we are to learn how to make such a positive change, and the Great Laxative is currently being administered to help us in this endeavour, ONLY if we see such as an opportunity.

If humans do not see this moment in time as a great and wonderful opportunity for positive change, then the Great Laxative will continue to be administered until we have lost everything, and we will destroy what we have and we could have. This will result in humanity starting all over again, taking thousands of years of suffering and learning to arrive at this point again, in, perhaps another 25,000 years. The choice is for each one of us to make, and humanity as a whole.

I continuously write about human potential, and when we choose to develop it for positive purpose, we can create a Golden Age, for the benefit and highest good of all humans, and all life forms on Planet Earth, including our Mother Gaia Earth. Please strive to be the very best version of your complete Self, and do your best to be the best spiritual human being you can be. If you do not know how, write to me, either in the comment section below, of by sending a message on the Contact page of my website.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.