Message about Timelines and Predictions🌟The Arcturian Council 9th Dimensional (Video)

The Arcturian Council addressed this topic with me after a beautiful Soul asked about a particular prediction. The prediction was authentic and accurate, but would be likely interpreted differently according to which Being was asked. Here is just part of … Read More

Rituals: A Physical Representation Of Universal Energy At Work (The Arcturian Council) (Video)

A short message today from The Arcturian Council (9th Dimension) channeled by Yolanda Marie Begin transmission: It is important to remember that the physical rituals you do… the way that you ground… the way that you practice your healing, in … Read More

Perceived “mistakes” and Releasing Judgement (The Arcturian Council) (Video)

This starts off slowly, so try to stay with it until the end. Focus on the messages and the images while breathing them in through your Heart Space. Set your intention to receive. Love you my friends, Namaste🙏🏽   Song … Read More

The Structures within the Structures (The Arcturian Council and The Council of Nine) (Video)

The Arcturian Council mentioned “structures within the structures” while answering a question of mine. After hearing The Council of Nine also mention “structures”, I asked them both what they were referring to when they mentioned these “structures”. In this channeling, … Read More

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