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Six Indications You Have Lived Before

Are we harboring hidden memories and pain from previous life times? It may appear we have only come into this world for the first time, but it’s possible we have lived before.

The concept of reincarnation has existed for millennia, in both Western and Eastern philosophies. The theory that the soul reincarnates into different physical bodies, in different time periods, to gain a deeper understanding and reach a higher level of consciousness.

This goes back to the theory that energy cannot be created or destroyed, that energy merely shifts into another form. If the energy that makes up our soul cannot be created or destroyed, then reincarnation could make sense.

Do you feel like an old soul? Do you feel as if you have walked this earth, many times before? Below are six signs of reincarnation and past lives:


Many feel a certain connection to specific people in our lives, and this could be evidence of having known each other in a past life.

Edgar Cayce, the famous American mystic, said that souls travel in groups, and these groups are known as soul mates, or soul families. Cayce also believed that each group learn their karmic lessons together, and while the relationships may change from lifetime to lifetime, the soul personalities remain the same.

This theory also supports why we feel a certain bond and connection with some people almost instantly.

Reoccurring Dreams or Nightmares

Reoccurring dreams or nightmares have been commonly associated with past lives, especially if the dreams are vivid.

An example is the case of a woman who kept having a dream about finding bones in her closet. When she would find the bones, she felt a sense of guilt and sadness. She kept having this dream, and finally decided to have a past life regression. Through the past life regression, she discovered that in a past life she had drowned her baby, and her dream was a manifestation of her guilt and pain from her past life.

Dreams can be symbolic, so it’s also likely they don’t completely represent a past life, but they may hold clues and messages for you to interpret.

Déjà Vu

Most of us have experienced déjà vu at some time. Some believe that déjà vu is a sign from a past life. When you feel a sense of familiarity with either a person or a particular place, you could be experiencing a subconscious memory from a past life.

Past life regressionists have found that many people have felt an unexplainable emotion while visiting certain places, or encountering certain people. Not only do they feel a sense of ‘having been there before’, they also feel an odd familiarity with the environment. More often than not, these experiences can be traced back to a past life, by using hypnotherapy.


Most phobias seem irrational, but they may make sense, if they could be traced them back to a past life. How can we explain a phobia of something that has never really threatened us? Whether it’s a fear of snakes, heights, or small spaces, phobias are a part of our survival instinct, but how do explain a fear of something that a person has never encountered?

Past life regression therapists can often trace phobias back to a certain event in a past life. As an example, if you have a fear of water, and you died of drowning in a past life.

Natural Talent

Children who have been born with an amazing talent, without even studying, is also a clue to a past life. Some children have been born with the ability to speak foreign languages fluently, without having being exposed to it. Or, a child seems to have been born with an amazing singing voice or musical talent,  instantly understands mathematics, or can build and invent things, without any instruction. This can also manifest as a strong interest in certain topics, or periods in history.

While certain talents can be genetic, there have been cases of people with extraordinary talents, that are not linked in any way to their current lives. Could they have developed these skills and talents in a previous life?


There is a belief that birthmarks are evidence of reincarnation. Some believe that birthmarks are a reminder to release certain past life emotions and traumas, and heal.

One example is of a young boy who recounted the memories of a man who had been shot. His parents decided to research this man, and found that he had been shot in the chest. Their son had birthmarks on his chest, in the exact configuration as the bullet wounds of the man who had been shot.

Understanding your past lives can bring clarity and understanding to your current life, especially if you feel you have a memory of something you can’t really explain.

Releasing past life pain and habits can bring spiritual and emotional healing, and can help you release phobias, pain and negative patterns in your life. To tap into your past lives, you can try past life self hypnosis or go to past life regression therapist.

Alternatively you can try this meditation at home:

1.) Go to a dark and comfortable place, where you will not be disturbed.

Turn off your cell phone and all electronics. You can play light, relaxing background music if you wish, or use a past life self hypnosis.

2.) Sit or lie down comfortably, and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply, and relax, and quiet your mind. As you inhale, imagine a beautiful golden light surrounding your body. This golden light will help protect you on your journey. As you exhale, imagine all your negative thoughts, doubts and expectations leaving your body. Continue to do this until you can feel the golden light glowing, and your mind freed from doubts and repetitive thoughts.

3.) Next, in your mind’s eye, imagine a staircase in front of you. Use your intuition to determine how many steps you need to climb, and as you climb each step, count them, and imagine yourself going deeper and deeper with each step. As you come to the top of the stairs, you come face to face with the past life that is most relevant to you at this particular time.

4.) Allow your mind to wander and explore, without judgement or expectation. Accept whatever you see at the top of the stairs and relax into the process.

5.) When you finish exploring this past life, climb back down the staircase. With each step, return to the present moment, more and more. At the bottom of the staircase, open your eyes.



Life Regression Self Hypnosis  You have lived before. The Soul is immortal, and we incarnate, over and over again, on this Earthly existence. We do not consciously remember, but subconsciously the experiences of the past, both in this lifetime and previous lives, shape our attitudes, emotions, and even physical ailments. By bringing these experiences to conscious memory, we can heal our present relationships and improve our situation. This self hypnosis program also contains sound frequencies attuned to the Third Eye Chakra to help connect you to the Cosmic Consciousness, and bring these experiences to conscious thought. Headphones are required for the full effect.



I studied for my Bachelor of Arts degree at Arizona State University, and received an honorary doctorate for my lifetime contributions and achievements in the fields of spiritual counseling and metaphysics from Universal Life. I studied hypnosis with Dr. John Kappas, and am a  certified graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

I am also a Sound Energy Practitioner and a Vibrational Reiki Master. I bring to my binaural beat and isochronic tone Chakra healing  programs more than 15 years of professional work in the mental health and counseling fields, helping people to help themselves, and a lifetime’s worth of in depth psychological, spiritual and Quantum knowledge.

I believe spiritual balance is your birthright, and the best place to start is to actively use and direct the energy within the Chakras, and through meditation; I know what it is like to not have the time, or money, to invest in spiritual teachers, weekend workshops and retreats, or long term study courses, and that is why I devised these programs for myself and others.








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