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Ruminations and Unseen Blessings

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Audra BrownAs some of you may know I grew up in the Bayou’s of the southern most coastal Mississippi. I was raised in the woods on dirt roads till I was in high school. I would not trade it for anything. The amazing thing is that the older you get the more you realize how awesome and blessed things were and are, even though you may not recognize it at the time. This is the basis behind the story that I am going to share with you this morning.

So my Father traveled with his business and on this particular trip my Momma got to go along. I stayed with my Momma’s best friend, my Momma Bertie and Uncle Ed. They lived on the outskirts of town and lived more “off the Grid” before it was fashionable. They had the biggest garden ever with rows of produce as long as a city block almost. Some of the best veggies ever. So during my time with Momma Bertie which was during late July to early August…. The field peas were “in”. This meant it was time to pick and then prepare them to be frozen for later use during the winter.

Momma Bertie and I started out with our five gallon buckets at the head of our row of field peas. The bushes are about crotch high so that is what you do. you straddle the row bent over and pick the field pea pods off and drop them in your bucket and move on. Now keep in mind that we are talking about full sun and 96 degree weather with 90% humidity, thus the reason everything grows so well. We worked for an hour or so and I was just absolutely sweating, hot and miserable (I was about 12 years old and 12 year olds are usually pretty miserable). I did not want to let Momma Bertie down so I kept plugging away.

As I look over at Momma Bertie I see this tiny woman with not a drop of sweat of about 60 years of age, long grey hair piled high on her head and a lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She was picking peas faster that I could even breathe in the heat. She looked up at me and in the most sincere gravely voice said, “Hon (short for honey) can you do your Momma Bertie a huge favor?” Of course “yes Maam” was my reply. She asked me to go all the way down to the end of the row of peas she was “pickin” and sit down on the ground and straddle the row and scoot up to it as close as I could. With a huge question mark looming over my head I went all the way to the end of the row and sat down, which happened to be in the shade of the “Truckers Delight” variety of corn that was so loved by Momma Bertie.

I sat there for another 45 minutes to an hour waiting on Momma Bertie to finish pickin that row. She finally got there and when she did she looked at me and said in all sincerity. “Thank you “hon” for doing that for me”. I finally asked “why” which in my day you did not do with your elders, and she said. “well hon you kept that ole row from a movin atta way from me and let me finally get to the end of it.”

My point to this story is that I did not have any idea how loved and blessed I was at that time. I sure as heck know it now. Let go of your feelings about situations in your life and give them a little time to ruminate. You might be surprised how blessed and loved you are too. I love and miss Momma Bertie and strive to emulate the strength, wisdom and love. She knew I would have never went and sat down while my sweet 2nd Momma worked so hard.

As always Love and Light to you all.



I am a Light Worker using many forms of energy. I am a Reiki Master, Shaman, Master Herbalist, Clairaudient, Empath and card reader (of many forms) to mention a few. I would like to share my personal feelings, grasp and intention when using the word “Light Worker.” I feel that I am only the conduit of the Universal Great Spirit to use as a vessel to pass on the information; energy and healing to any of us that need the extra love and light.

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