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Release the Tension Knot and Feel the Bliss

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Ann PeckhamThere is only a stream of goodness and abundance and the only reason that anyone ever experiences anything other than that is because they are disallowing the stream of good.

You do this every time you have a negative thought, or doubt or worry. All of these things and more are so much part of day to day life that they have become the default setting.

It is time to reassess, choose and you need to work out what to choose.

That becomes really easy once you have released the knot at the gate of abundance.

The full flowing bliss that comes with that release is so freeing that the moment anything negative crops up you will feel a tightening in the Solar Plexus (that is the area just around your belly button) and then you will very rapidly release that negativity and tension and return to the bliss.

You will only feel that if you know what it feels like to have that knot removed and then be given the tools to keep that gate open and receptive.

I offer the support to gently assist the transition from the tension rife reactionary norm that most women exist in until the new level has been established enough to be self regenerating.

If you would like to know what it feels like to have the tension knot released then I offer a complimentary session for you to experience that.



As a Raw Food Coach/Chef/Trainer I am experienced at enabling others to easily start the transformation to become conscious of healthier eating. People discover that adjusting their lifestyle can be both fun and easy and the outcome is often more energy and a greater capacity to self-heal. I am passionately involved with a movement to bring Non-GMO, Organic, Raw Vegan, wholefood supplements to the whole of my network and on into all of theirs too, so that others can benefit from having easy access to the healthiest foods in the easiest format.

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