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Permission to Heal Others: Why it’s Important

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Teri DluznieskiHealing people who aren’t ready or don’t ask/ want it…

This is a response in regard to an example on LinkedIn.  It was about a woman who gave and gave, and never got anything back.  She believed eventually she would be in a wheel-chair; as this would be her only permission to “stop.”  It also reflected the extent to which she understood that her circumstances were crippling her.   The healer noted that this woman resisted the idea of receiving healing or help.  Without that “permission,” that acknowledgement that the current dynamic was killing her, making her unhealthy, and that she wanted it to stop/change..healing would not accomplish very much. until the woman changes her contract ( which sounds like need=love/ abandonment issue?)… .. sending healing energy.. wouldn’t get to her.  I am guessing it would be like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it.  it would just leak out.  I wonder if that has some part of why choice is important?  if a person chooses to accept healing.. maybe that is part of plugging up holes…

Sending healing energy won’t change contracts, or allow any of the other deeper changes to be made. Adding energy to someone who has vampires draining them can make them a bigger target, and drawing the line is often the step the person NEEDS to make, for themselves.  So for anyone with a gift, remember, with power comes great responsibility.  part of that responsibility entails knowing when NOT to use it.  Just because we have it, doesn’t mean it is the shiny new toy…flashy and showy and taking it out whenever possible.

There have been many times when I have seen someone in dire circumstances, sometimes of their own creation, sometimes that they have “bought in to.”  Either way, as disheartening as it is to watch these things play out, compassion and support are the best and only thing any healer can do– until the person is ready. Like any addict, sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom before they get it.  So that is the place the healer patiently waits.

Also- this particular story reminded me of another aspect… which I often try to instill in people, especially healers.  In western culture in particular..  people do NOT NEED more energy-IN… they need energy-OUT.   Western culture is a culture of energy-junkie-ism/ vampirism- both literally and metaphorically.  Western energy takes and takes, wants it cheap, free, easy.. and it ”steals” from all the bubbles around it.  This is because westerners no longer know how to connect to Source, their own source of energy, sources of energy.  As a result, their bubbles are living in a place of lack, perceiving a lack.  As a result.. many bubbles are scrambling for the “visual” accessible energy from each other.  But just like the universe, what we can see is less than 5%(?)… there is SOOOO  MUCH energy… but no one knows how to tap into pure good solid sources.

The end result of this is that people are hoarding energy, and most importantly- holding onto every shred and scrap they can get.  Much of this is less refined or unhealthy energy.  And even if it WAS pure when it was acquired… sitting and stagnating– maybe one way to think of energy is as if it had a shelf life.. best when used fresh.  held onto, like water.. it can stagnate and turn rancid.

But anyway- the fact is.. most people are carrying a lot of heavy energy, old contracts and have leaky pipes/ wiring in their bubbles.  Adding more energy to this,WITHOUT correcting the structural weaknesses does not resolve the real difficulties.  More people need help releasing than they need help receiving energy.  And in terms of receiving energy- what will likely serve people best.. is NOT to just give them free added energy.. but rather teaching them

  1. How to tap into their own energy sources, and/or
  2. Teaching that the Universe/Source is a better place to replenish, than the people and locations around them.

As I teach my students.. if a person has access to an all you can eat organic gourmet buffet.. they will not be hungry when they pass the drive-through… 🙂



I am an Education Specialist, Health Coach and Author. I work with aspects of the teachings I have learned from Andean shamanic and cosmology, to health, nutrition and education.  Everything is energy. Energy must flow. Like water, when it does not flow, it stagnates and is not healthy. These techniques help your life to flow. I have been initiated into many of the ancient lineages and learned ceremonies, rites of passage and healing techniques.  I have worked as a healer and done workshops and taught some of these aspects – passing the teachings on.

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