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Peace Begins (Video)

There is no obstacle for peace as all human beings are naturally peaceful. The human being is naturally loving and naturally compassionate and when that part of themselves is inspired to work and to believe that that work is possible, in some way to change the world, then that happens.

For human beings to realise this essential aspect of their nature, the mindful practice of peaceful compassion and love is good to include in all the wonderful situations that challenge our best and most beautiful actions.

Each individual can create a much greater reality than they even realise.

Some people think that this is an esoteric sort of wonderful concept that has no relevance in today’s practical every day world, but any scientist who has studied quantum physics understands that one thought changes the experiment.

Peace begins with the little steps that we take and expands when we inspire everyone else we know to take those same little steps.

Such can be applied to our thoughts and our mind, and what we think and how we create that thinking to be part of what we discuss with our friends, and what we communicate to the world, to the people we love and to the people we don’t know, that we meet and just speak to and if we change that reality to a belief system where it is possible, then it is possible.

Everything is possible.

You are invited to watch this short video that encapsulates nicely the above words.

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