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My Spiritual Journey: Reiki and Eye Surgery

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Last weekend I attended Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for a minor operation on my eyes. Well, I thought it would be both eyes, but the condition decided otherwise. Now I am to be allocated a return appointment to have my left eye zapped when the eyelashes have grown sufficiently in the right (or wrong) direction. Confused? You will be!

I have a congenital disorder called Lymphedema Distichiasis. It means that I have a double row of eyelashes, and the second row turn inwards, scratching my eyes and causing a lot of pain and discomfort. It was diagnosed when I was a small child, and since then I have had many treatments to try and alleviate the condition. It cannot be cured at present. I also developed acute Dry Eye Syndrome as I got older, because of the nature of my inherited disorder.

The minor operation was electrolysis to remove ingrowing eyelashes. It involved the injection of local anesthetic into my upper and lower eyelids, and then a precision laser tool burned away the offending eyelashes at the root. They will grow back again, but hopefully it will take a while. My last session of electrolysis was in 2013, so it seems to be settling a little.

As I lay down on the hospital bed in the operating theatre, I focused on remaining calm and relaxed. I have had this procedure what feels like a million times, I am familiar with the surgical staff, it is routine medical process in this hospital. But I still felt nervous, because I knew that the anesthetic injection would be painful. As the nurse practitioner inserted the needle into my eyelid, I felt a rush of energy near my head, and I sensed my spirit guide placing her hands on my skull. She whispered soothing words, assured me that she would ease my discomfort, and suddenly everything faded into peace. I was safe. My reiki healing energy would assist. Now, only days after the procedure, I feel like nothing has happened. There is a slight bruise on my eyelid, but I have had none of the usual post-operative pain, swelling, dizziness etc. Thank you, Reiki healing!



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