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My Reason for Writing Self-Help & Self-Healing Books

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I dedicate all the Self-Help and Self-Healing books I have written to my deceased son, Richard Joseph Altman, and here is the true story behind my dedication, which I have also mentioned in a few other books, and also on my website.

I was born to dysfunctional parents, and my sibling and I learned the ways of such dysfunction, which manifested in various forms. My dysfunction was such that I attracted similarly dysfunctional people to me, in accord with the Universal Law of Attraction, because I adopted the erroneous beliefs that I was inferior, that I was inadequate and not good enough, and consequently, I lived in fear. I even married dysfunctional women, with whom I had three children, who also learned the ways of dysfunction. After my last divorce, I embarked upon an intense journey to transform my dysfunction into function, imbalance into balance, inadequacy into adequacy, inferiority into loving myself, fear into courage, ill-health into well-being, resolving my accumulated Karma through remorse, forgiveness, expanding my conscious awareness, and raising my consciousness. Indeed, I am very happy to acknowledge that I have been quite successful in these endeavours, but, Alas!, my efforts had little success on my children who continued to see me in a dysfunctional light.

However, out of my three children, Richard seemed to suffer the most, because he was extremely sensitive to all that he was experiencing, about which he was ill-equipped to transcend. There is much more to this story, but suffice to say that Richard found his way into the allopathic medical system which diagnosed his condition as schizophrenic psychosis, and put him on two psychotic drugs for ten years. The effects of this medication were extremely deleterious to his health, but it did seem to provide him with the means to cope with everyday life. He was then re-examined ten years later, and it was found that he was suffering from a sleeping disorder, for he could not sleep, especially at night, and when he could sleep it was only during the day. Obviously, to me, there was a psychological component demonstrated by such symptoms, born of some trauma that he experienced during his earlier years, and was never addressed. It became apparent that living without sleep for so many years were the probable cause of the symptoms that gave rise to his mis-diagnosis. Regrettably, the damage had already been done, and in June, 2013, Richard took a nap on his couch, in his flat (apartment), in England, and never woke up. The coroner/medical examiner gave pneumonia as the cause of death, which I do not accept, as I spoke to Richard on the telephone a few days prior to his death, and he was in good physical health. I concluded that he had given up hope, and his body, likewise gave up, and he returned home, to spirit, prematurely, but, at least, he was no longer suffering.

I feel Richard did not have the wherewithal to help himself, and he had no recourse to any alternative methods of healing assistance, other than the allopathic, standard medical system, in which he became lost. I did endeavor to help him, but, the saying, ‘one is rarely a prophet in one’s own home,’ comes to mind.

I have, therefore, healed much of what ailed me, and resolved much of that which limited me, and I want to help others know that, they too, can do the same, if they choose. It all depends upon one’s choice! I know what it is like to lose a child, and I also observe the effects of peoples’ suffering, simply because they do not know what to do to help themselves. It is, therefore, my heartfelt wish, that all who are unwell, and seek appropriate assistance for their highest good and well-being, should be able to find such assistance with ease. This is why I was prompted to write eighteen books on Self-Help, Self-Healing, and Self-Improvement, and also create my website for you to access and avail yourself of whatever may be of assistance to you.

I sincerely hope all who suffer can find the answers, the resolutions and the means by which they can help themselves.

With Love and Compassion.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.