Mercury: A Toxin With Significant Health Risks

There is no doubt that the number of diagnosed diseases and conditions that are caused by toxins in the body are on the rise. These include serious physical and mental health conditions such as childhood asthma, autoimmune disorders, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, allergies and any number of other symptoms including infertility. How heavy metals such as mercury contribute to the toxins building up in our bodies is becoming more and more clearly linked, resulting in a better understanding of the need for detoxification and increased safety within our food and environment.

Historically, mercury has been used in many different types of processing and even in medical and dental treatments. Milliners, in times long past, used mercury in the production of felt hats to bind the fibers. Over time and with constant inhalation of the mercury and felt dust the milliner’s were poisoned by the mercury, resulting in slurred speech, confusion and extreme types of muscle tremors. It is from this range of symptoms that the term “mad as a hatter” developed. Despite the understanding that mercury caused these problems, it still continues to be used today.

One common use of mercury is in different types of vaccinations. The mercury acts as a stimulant to the immune system, allowing the body to quickly generate the production of antibodies and provide protection from the virus. However, the mercury doesn’t leave the body, rather it gathers in the fatty tissue and particularly in the brain and nervous system. Over time and with repeated vaccinations the mercury level rises and continues to stimulate the immune system, leading to autoimmune disorders. In other words, the high levels of mercury trigger the body to attack itself and to misread what is a dangerous or what is a healthy cell in the body.

The mercury that is stored in the body in the brain and around the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system is particularly problematic. It damages the protective myelin coating and results in neurological impairment. Often this takes years to develop but is directly related to conditions such as Alzheimer’s, ADD or peripheral neuropathy. Young toddlers can also be negatively affected by mercury exposure and this is believed to be strongly linked to the rise in autism and autistic spectrum behaviours in children.

Mercury also enters our body through different types of dental procedures. Cavities are routinely filled with silver fillings, which contain mercury. Over time the mercury leeches from the fillings directly into the mouth where it is absorbed into the body through the digestive process. This, combined with the mercury in the vaccinations, as well as in the food we eat, quickly rises to a level of toxicity and serious health concerns.

Results Of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury toxicity or poisoning can have a wide range of systems that occur quickly or develop over a longer period of time. Often symptoms of high mercury levels in the body are assumed to be a natural part of the ageing process. This is most commonly seen as forgetfulness or early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia, along with depression or other mental health conditions. Since older adults often see this as normal, they may not even discuss the issue with a doctor.

External symptoms of mercury poisoning or toxicity will vary from individual to individual. It is not uncommon to see those with high levels of mercury in their system experience early tooth loss, inflammation of the mouth and gums, bleeding gums, excessive saliva flow and swelling of the salivary glands. In addition they may experience muscle spasms and tremors throughout the body and difficulty in smooth movements. A jerky gait and poor coordination is common. The personality may change and individuals may also experience learning disabilities and memory problems. Information on specifics of mercury poisoning is clearly explained in easy to understand and identify terms in the book “Toxic Overload” by Paula Baillie, M.D, Ph.D.

Interestingly enough humans are not the only species on earth negatively affected by high levels of mercury. Larger fish species such as tuna and salmon are also being harmed by high mercury levels. As the smaller fish eat microscopic food particles containing mercury it collects in their tissues and fat. As the larger fish eat the toxic smaller fish the concentration of mercury rises. The larger the end consumer fish is the higher the mercury level within their own bodies. The high mercury level is changing the fertility of these fish, resulting in more females being produced than males and more male fish being infertile. As this cycle continues the long term survival of these species becomes more and more problematic with larger and larger numbers of males and females no longer able to reproduce.

Humans that consume fish such as tuna and salmon that are high in mercury are also adding to the mercury levels in their own bodies. This is not to say that you should avoid fish, but you do need to ensure that the fish is safe for consumption and won’t add to your own level of toxic mercury.

The Good News

The really great news is that there is a product on the market that can actually help your body rid itself of all that harmful mercury. It is called Activated Liquid Zeolite and it is available worldwide. Ridding your body of mercury and other toxins has never been easier and safer.

Stewart A. Lonky M.D., said “Because chemical and toxin exposures are impossible to avoid, and because the accumulation of these toxins definitely have health consequences, I believe that the use of a chelating and detoxifying agent such as activated liquid zeolite should be a part of every person’s daily regimen. There is no better gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.”

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