Lazy Spring Walks

Part of my daily routine involves walking my dog along the canal towpath near our home. We take the children to school, and then we wander off for an hour, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone.

Last week I took a leisurely walk with a friend. We have both been busy lately, so it was nice to wander along slowly, admiring the views, cooing over the ducklings and cygnets, and simply enjoying mundane life. We stopped to take photos, and we really studied the wildflowers that have sprung up everywhere.

Lazy Spring Walks

Our weather has been mostly warm and sunny this month, with just enough rain to encourage growth, so there are patches of footpath that are overgrown. We affectionately call these the jungles on our walks, although being in mid Cheshire, they really aren’t that bad.


My life seems to be a constant battle one way or another, whether that be battling for equality in the home, battling to develop my career, battling the children to get ready for school, or just battling to keep on top of regular domestic chores.

There are friends and family members dealing with serious illness, chronic disorders, grief and depression, and I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. So last week, on just another Tuesday morning, I decided not to hurry home so I could crack on with jobs. I had some time out, and I enjoyed being with my friend, in a relaxed environment, on a warm, sunny morning, in a beautiful part of the world.

We all need to relax sometimes. Enjoy it when you can.



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