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I’m a Housewife With a Big Imagination!

Catherine GreenHaving made the decision to overhaul my SpookyMrsGreen blog and turn it into something slightly more professional, I am looking back over previous articles in order to define the exact nature of my blog. What do I write about, and why? What is my target audience? After all, I cannot share it with people if they don’t know what it’s all about. We are all far too busy to waste time on things that make no sense.

Reigning it in could be a challenge for me. My imagination is very much like a magpie… ooh look, a shiny new story idea! Sorry, back to the subject. I often wonder what my face looks like when my mind wanders during a conversation. I imagine that I’m something like the character “J.D.” from the TV sitcom Scrubs. You know what I mean: eyes glaze over, head tilts to one side, random adventure occurs in an alternative dimension. Sounds like fun!

How do I harness this big imagination, and all of these ideas, and channel them into something productive and profitable? That is a question that I am still working out the answer to. I have spent a lot of time writing stories, articles, blog posts and odd poems, but none of it really seems to correlate. Or does it? Much of my writing is about the mystical world around us. I am fascinated by ghosts, both the traditional white-mist apparitions, and those that reside in the human mind. I see people as far more than their physical appearance. And from there I develop my ideas.

Somehow, that might not assist with my blogging career. I mean, I can certainly sell you my stories, but do you really want to buy? And what do I give you in return? I can help you to release your own imagination. If you feel stuck in a rut, or you worry that you are not fulfilling the potential that you know exists, look around my blog. I am sure you will find something to inspire, motivate, or simply amuse when it is needed. Tell me what you find, and more importantly, tell me what you want to see over here? I love to write. I love to help people. This is our space to talk. Goodbye for now!



Catherine is the author of the adult paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels and also The Darkness of Love, She has short stories published in YA anthologies, freelance articles on various industry websites, and contributes to her personal personal blog, and her author blog .

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